Saturday, August 19, 2006

New Music Videos: Beyonce, Jamelia & Hilary Duff!

Beyonce - Ring The Alarm

Wow, that was fast! New music video from Beyonce already! She must rush things up due to poor sales of 'Deja Vu'. Apparently, this video is way better than Deja Vu. It's got this Basic Instinct vibe, and the rage throughout the video goes along great with the song. Good editing job, nice crazy acting from Miss B. I especially like the refrain part with that close-up shot, add a halo in and she'd look like a goddess. Although Sophie Muller did a formidable job of breaking Beyonce out of the scantily-clad-girl-dancing-in-clubs stereotype of music videos, I still miss the fantastic lighting works and skin-smoothing technique of Jake Nava. Jake & Beyonce need to reunite and make another kickass video, seriously.

Download Beyonce - Ring The Alarm Music Video (WMV Format)

Jamelia - Something About You

Cool video! Gotta love the photography style! Nice locations. It sure helps translate the song well on screen. Jamelia looks stunning than ever(kinda like a Naomi Campbell's cousin). It's safe to say this is Jamelia's best video so far.

Download Jamelia - Something About You Music Video(iPod Format)

Hilary Duff - Play With Fire

Okay, so did Hilary shot this in a mirrorhouse while waiting for Haylie at the town fair? It's just not all that. It was directed by Alex & Martin, who was responsible for U2's music video for 'Vertigo', but the effects looked cheap. Hilary seemed awkward and uncomfortable trying to fit in this new image: 1. She can't dance, 2. She doesn't look any sexier with brunette hair and her scarily skinny face. Just a cookie-cutter TRL video.

Download Hilary Duff - Play With Fire Music Video (WMV Format)

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