Friday, August 18, 2006

New R&B/ Hip-Hop Music From: John Legend, Cee-Lo & Outkast!

John Legend/ Save Room

New single from R&B current golden boy. He's talented, that's undeniable, but I think this new song can hardly top 'Ordinary People'. 'Ordinary People' is the peak of his career, and it's not easy to outdo that. However, it's still a decent, laidback R&B love song with pretty tunes and soulful vocals as usual. Nice to have you back.

Download: John Legend - Save Room

Outkast/ Hollywood Divorce (Feat. Lil' Wayne & Snoop Dogg)

Another leaked track from their upcoming album Idlewild, with guest rapping from Lil' Wayne and Snoop Dogg. This song is alright, it's conventional compared to other Outkast songs but the topic is rather interesting. It'd be so ironic if there happened to be a video for this to air on MTV, since they just unleash their latest curse to famous reality tv Hollywood couples. First, Jessica Simpson & Nick Lachey. Second, Carmen Electra and Dave Navarro. And recently, Travis Barker and that Miss USA wife file for divorce. Who's next? Ashley Parker Angel and his obscure wife? Oh wait, they're not famous at all. Hahah, can't help it!

Download: Outkast - Hollywood Divorce (Feat. Lil' Wayne & Snoop Dogg)

Cee-Lo/ Ophidiophobia
This is a soundtrack cut from the everbuzzing cult movie Snakes On A Plane. It's funny how the movie's still not released yet but there have been millions of fans spreading the hype everywhere for the last few months? And the parodies are endless, the last thing we need is a mocking porn title. Back to the song, I guess you guys are well aware that Cee-Lo is the Gnarls in Gnarls Barkley. So the style of this song is very similar to Gnarls Barkley's music. Kinda catchy. In case you didn't know, 'ophidiophobia' means fear of snakes, of course, and there are snake hissing sounds at the intro. Imagine it being played when Samuel L. Jackson is kicking snake's ass. Hey, I want to see this movie, too!

Download: Cee-Lo - Ophidiophobia (link from Spine Magazine)

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