Monday, August 28, 2006

Picks Of The Week #33

Lyrics Of The Week

When I heard a new song from "Weird Al" Yankovic is out, I hooray with joy for I think it's gonna be one hell of a comedy spoof song. I was wrong. The song is drop dead serious. It's about piracy, guys. How illegal downloading can hurt so many people we love. The message is clear, the lyrics is deep like the ocean, and the song's definitely a power ballad. So I think what's better than help Mr. Al to spread the message to others who lost their way. Dip yourself into this musical journey, learn by heart the words and promise yourself never to download leaked songs again even if it's a spanking new one from...for example...Lisa Scott-Lee, always buy copyrighted materials and support the artists you passionately 'heart'. The final part, I mean it. What? Read it up, then download the whole damn song. No, Mr. Al provide it for free, legally. Be sure to check out his new cd 'Straight Outta Lynwood' this September, featuring parodies of Chamillionaire, Green Day,
Usher, R. Kelly and Taylor Hicks! I know I will.

Don't Download This Song
"Weird Al" Yankovic

Once in a while maybe you will feel the urge
To break international copyright law
By downloading MP3s from file-sharing sites
Like Morpheus or Grokster or Limewire or Kazaa

But deep in your heart you know the guilt would drive you mad
And the shame would leave a permanent scar
'Cause you start out stealing songs and then you're robbing liquor stores
And sellin' crack and runnin' over school kids with your car

So don't download this song
The record store's where you belong
Go and buy the CD like you know that you should
Oh, don't download this song

Oh, you don't wanna mess with the R-I-double-A
They'll sue you if you burn that CD-R
It doesn't matter if you're a grandma or a seven year old girl
They'll treat you like the evil hard-bitten criminal scum you are

So don't download this song
Don't go pirating music all day long
Go and buy the CD like you know that you should
Oh, don't download this song

Don't take away money from artists just like me
How else can I afford another solid gold Hum-Vee
And diamond-studded swimming pools
These things don't grow on trees
So all I ask is, "Everybody, please..."

Don't donwload this song (Don't do it, no, no)
Even Lars Ulrich knows it's wrong (You can just ask him)
Go and buy the CD like you know that you should (You really should)
Oh, don't download this song

Don't donwload this song (Oh please, don't you do it)
Or you might wind up in jail like Tommy Chong (Remember Tommy)
Go and buy the CD (Right now) like you know that you should (Go out and buy it)
Oh, don't download this song

Don't download this song (No, no, no, no, no, no)
You'll burn in hell before too long (and you'll deserve it)
Go and buy the CD (Just buy it) like you know that you should (You cheap bastard)
Oh, don't download this song

Download: "Weird" Al Yankovic - Don't Download This Song

Download This!

Justin Timberlake feat T.I./ My Love

'SexyBack' was like...meh. It took me about 10 listens in three weeks to slightly like the song. But this second single is...phenomally hot. Electro hip-hop is Timbaland's new golden goose. It's more of a poppy, tuneful and upbeat song with catchy hooks. Even the rap verses from T.I. sound good. The lyrics is a little boyband-ish, but who cares? Although the production reminds me of Tim's old work for Aaliyah's 'Are You That Somebody' (the beat is barely the same, and instead of the baby cooing, he's got the distorted baby hee hees), it's a good choice for a single, and when this comes out on iTunes, pre-order it. It's worth your 99 cents.

Download: Justin Timberlake feat. T.I. - My Love


The Sounds/ Painted By Numbers

Confession: sometimes, I check out a new band based on their name. There's just so much going on out there. So sometimes, I miss out on great bands but boring names. The Sounds is a good example. I got a lot of buzz about them, but passed on them because of their horribly lame name. One day, I came across them again, and it's this song that turns me on to them. An savvy, bouncy dance rock song at its best. The new wave vibe is used wisely, and the lead singer can sing like any female singers fronting indie punk rock bands out there. Believe it or not, it's really club-friendly. Gotta mark 'The Sounds' in my 'Have To Hear More' list. Sweden is so the hottest good music factory right now. Oh, wow, I just realize that cover is see-thru. Wow.

Download: The Sounds - Painted By Numbers

Music Video Of The Week

Lily Allen/ LDN

This video made my week. Seriously. Now I must resist hopping on the streets while listening to this song. The idea is fantastic, Lily can't get any cuter, and the new version adapts the lyrics faithfully, while the original version's a fun look at London downtown. In this awesome music video, we follow Lily as she makes her way to meet a friend, everywhere she goes, it's all magical sha-la-la-land, and when she's gone, it gets dull and dark. Fun as hell. In fact, I love this so much I have to rip the youtube video off and post it here as an mp4, so that you Lily fans can download it and put it in your iPod, then scare the hell out of 'pedestrians' by walking like Lily and watching Lily while humming along.

Download: Lily Allen/ LDN (iPod MP4 format)

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