Monday, September 04, 2006

Another Music Round-Up...

May I say that it was one hell of a show. Okay. Get there and make yourself a fake ticket to fool dummies, like what I just do. Let's get to what's been happening around other blogs this week.

For the indie crowd:

  • Pitchfork Media recently premiered a new song from The Decemberists called 'Summersong'. Decent one.
  • Last week, Good Weather For Airstrike posted a real cool video for The Knife's 'We Share Our Mother's Health'. Quite scary animation there.
  • Swoon had three rad tracks from The Rapture's latest record. Nice upbeat punky music.

For the pop people:

  • Johnny Ali's Blog had a Japan bonus track of B'Day. It's called 'Creole'. It's alright.
  • Lily Allen did it again. Her PR team must be uber cool to put on this contest, where you can download a 256 mb worth of LDN sliced in seperate layers, remix them yourself, then send them to and stand a chance to win one of Lily's self-designed Nike IDs. The only catch is that you have to live in the UK. Whatever, if you care, download the zip file and start protooling! I'm working on it, too. Could be an exclusive.
  • Fetch Me Some Music got that duet Nicole from PCD did with opera singer Vittorio Grigolo called 'You Are My Miracle'. Yah, Nicole, I know you've got good pipes and love collaborations, but really, is this necessary? A pussycat doll sings opera, lol.
  • New Muzic got a bunch of VMAs 2006 live performances in iPod format. Yeah, you know you definitely want that.
  • Kevin Federline just made his music video debut. Thanks God he's finally here to save us all. Kevin's the best thing that ever happened to rap since like ever. This video is amazing, there's no doubt he's superdupertalented, and this song is a number one hit for sure. And you'd be insane if you still haven't figured out that I'm being sarcastic. Here's the video in case you REALLY DO care.

Final word: Take time and do my little poll there. If I know more about your favorite genres, I'll be able to post more of what I think suit the readers best. Okay.

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