Friday, September 15, 2006

It's My Birthday Today!

Yeah I turn 17 today, September 15! I know I should be all woo-hooing but after 17 years, I finally come to a conclusion that birthday is overrated. I've grown cynical enough to even take my birthday for granted and label it as 'just another day'. Well, I'm just back home from school and so far it's not like the best day of my life, not the worst either. I'm just not feeling bright right now, actually, a little pissed off. Anyway, I'm about to join my family at the dinner table and I should prepare to pretend to feel happy to make them happy. I'm just increasing good at fake smiling.

Okay, that is too gloomy. I just searched Wikipedia and found out that I share the same B-day with these 'celebrities':

Unexpected gift: My post was featured on Best Week Ever. Now that's fvcking sweet. The stats reached its highest peak yesterday, so it's all good.

I'm just not in the mood to make a cool birthday mix, so this song just popped out of my head out of the blue. I think only the title is somewhat related, but whatever, it's a cool electronica song.

Röyksopp - Only This Moment

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