Friday, September 29, 2006

Lily Allen - 2 LDN Remixes

You might know that 'LDN' is being re-released as a single on iTunes UK this week. And although there' s no new b-sides we haven't heard ('Naive' and 'Nan You're Window Shopper'), there are indeed some new remixes and I'm using them as an excuse to do more posts on her. See that pic above? Classy!

Lily Allen - LDN (Switch Remix)
Not sure if it's an official remix, since it's not listed on iTunes, but it's a pretty crazy, loopy one for the clubs.

Lily Allen - LDN (Crack Wh*** Riddim)
This hip-hop remix mainly focuses on the 'crack wh0**' phrase in the song and uses it as the concept. The vocal distortion is pretty interesting, makes Lily sound like a bhangra banshee while singing the verse. A decent one.

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