Saturday, September 16, 2006

A Little Conversation...

Noez: Oi, Zeon! Have you noticed there's been a huge increase on the stats lately?

Zeon: I totally have. What's with our post mentioned on Best Week Ever - the gossip blog of VH1, of all places?

Noez: Yeah, that's one highlight. We've also recently mentioned on the likes of Hotstuff Files, XO London and such.

Zeon: Proper exposure, indeed.

Noez: Let's not forget that we've been waiting for approval from The Hype Machine for like, what, a month now. Seems like we're not indie enough for them.

Zeon: And PopJustice still didn't accept our blog self-submission on their directory. They never update them, do they? Seems like we're not pop enough for them.

Noez: And I do want those premium ads so bad.

Zeon: Noez, remember we're not blogging for fame. We just want to share the power of great music to people, and we'll keep going both ways: pop and indie alike.

Noez: So I've just submitted us in this Digital Music Awards. Loyal readers should usher in to vote for us. It's unlikely we're gonna win, but we deserved to be voted, right?

Zeon: You have a point. You know, I'm thinking about making a flashy banner up there.

Noez: You're clueless of those HTML codes. So am I.

Zeon: Should we have a MySpace page, too?

Noez: Like, totally, I wanna add Lily Allen and Borat as my friend!

Zeon: So who's gonna do the add work?

Noez: Not me.

Zeon: I say we should hitch the stats a little higher.

Noez: How about posting a full album download link of Clay Aiken's wonderful new album of life-changing covers, acely titled 'A Thousand Different Ways'?

Zeon: Uhmm, no, we're not ready to sell out like that. Desperate soccer moms and creepy old men are certainly not the kind of audience we aim for.

Noez: See my comments for my comments on this subject!

Zeon: Don't. Do. That.

Noez: Okay, why are we posting this lame, self-absorbed conversation anyway?

Zeon: I don't know. This is such an anti-climax.

Noez: You're boring, and uncool, and not funny at all.

Zeon: Whatever. So long, alter ego.

Coming Up:
The Big Review: The Summer Comebacks of '06. Zeon rates 15 comeback acts and gives comments on who's hot, who's not.

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