Saturday, September 30, 2006

More Lily Allen Loots Coming Atcha!

Okay, so I seem to be having a Lily Allen craze this weekend. And it's been a slow week for music, so I just wonder 'How about picking up some traffic by posting more stuff from Miss Lily?' So yeah, more is more. Here are two 'Smile' remixes, the Digital Soundboy Remix is pretty bouncy, and two b-sides of 'LDN', The Kooks cover 'Naive' and the genius 'Nan You're A Window Shopper'. So if you haven't got them already, be sure to check them out. They're pop gems.

Lily Allen - Smile (Digital Soundboy Remix)

Coming Soon: Buffy Soundtrack Focus Part Deux, new "Weird" Al Yankovic video, and four rare live covers from KT Tunstall. She did have an impressive cover list: Radiohead, Beck, White Stripes and one artist you would've never thought of.

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