Monday, September 04, 2006

Picks Of The Week #34

Lyrics Of The Week

This trio from Los Angeles was supposed to be featured in my New Act Week post, but somehow I just completely forgot to put them in my list. But I just can't let it go, this song's so great I have to post it here. Despite being such a short song (about 2 minutes), it's a very charming, subtle, delicate song. The lead singer's sweet and soft voice just transfer the lyrics about long distance relationship smoothly. The best moment to listen to this song's probably an evening in fall, drinking coffee in your house while watching the sunset.

We Used To Talk
Hello Stranger

We used to talk
And after filling an ocean full of sailors who were going to some undiscovered place
We talked
About a storm that's growing but we’d survive it knowing we’d keep each other safe
Like the waves that wash away the footprints on the shore
We used to talk a lot but we don’t talk much anymore
We used to talk
And after filling a million books with page after page of inspirational thoughts
We talked
About all the scenarios where we could be the heros avenging evil plots
It's what we don’t expect or what we choose to ignore
We used to talk a lot but we don’t talk much anymore
How long
Can these conversations go on
Before the inspiration is gone
Even Atlantis sunk into the ocean floor
We used to talk a lot but we don’t talk much anymore
We used to talk
How in a hundred years we would still be sitting here just chattering our bones
We’re not
I’m sitting here in silence and though I’ve tried it, it’s hard to talk alone

Download: Hello Stranger - We Used To Talk

Download This!

Nerina Pallot/ Sophia (Radio Edit)

I joined the Nerina bandwagon kinda late. When I first heard 'Everybody's Goint To War', I thoughtlessly labelled her as 'just another rock chick gone political'. Hell, was I wrong. It was only until I caught a listen of her new single Sophia that I realized how talented she is. Guess many people have misjudged her, considering her debut 'Dear Frustrated Superstar' flopped, and then 'Fires' first release also failed to chart. But that should be changed. This radio edit version was simplified to only her vocals and the piano, and it really helped show how good a singer she is. Her range is fabolous, hear how she flips up and down so effortlessly like a knife cut through butter. Her voice somehow reminds me of Sarah McLachlan. The song's a really pretty, bittersweet, grown-up ballad with strong, affectionate melodies. God, I just love this song. Pop lover should check out this one, seriously.

Download: Nerina Pallot - Sophia (Radio Edit)


Emilie Simon/ Desert (English Version)

Emilie Simon is a French electronic artist. Her self-titled debut album was released back in 2003, and this English version is included in the bonus disc. Personally, I prefer the English version to the French one, as it is more stripped down and also I can understand what she's singing. This is just a great chill-out song, with just enough elements of electronic, so it feels real. Emilie carries the song lightly with her feminine, childlike voice. The song's definitely more than just an average coffeehouse/lounge record. Really beautiful.

Download: Emilie Simon - Desert (English Version)

Music Video Of The Week

Franz Ferdinand/ Wine In The Afternoon

Franz Ferdinand can't stop breeding out new music videos, can they? Last time, for their double singles 'The Fallen/ L. Wells', they made 3 videos, including the b-side. And now they did the same, making another one for b-side of 'Eleanor Put Your Boots On', 'Wine In The Afternoon'. The idea is simple, portraying these two lovebirds and their daily life in a small town. The way they capture it is just so lovely. Well, I'm not sure but looks like the presumably Lindsey Wells starred again in this video. She's just so cute. She's part of the reason why I chose this as Video Of The Week. Just watch it.

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