Sunday, September 10, 2006

Picks Of The Week #35

Lyrics Of The Week

Tristan Prettyman's brutally overlooked and underrated. She got signed by major label Virgin and still she remained obscure like an indie act. an indie act. Her music could easily be put in the same category as that of Jack Johnson and Jason Mraz (her ex-boyfriend), but why nobody knows about her? Maybe for the fact that her songs are sometimes too breezy and light. Or that you have to be in a particular mood to enjoy them. They're not readymade for radio. Still, I'm a fan and will keep supporting her. She's such a cutie pie.
This is one of the songs on her debut album 'Twentythree', released last year. The melodies are simple and throughout the song, there's just her voice and an acoustic guitar. But it's just so soothing, the way her vocals soar so softly like a breeze and the poetic, cute lyrics she sings. It's one of those songs you'd want to hear when the sun goes down, in a beach house, in the summer. One day, I'll make her an artist focus post. She should get more buzz, that is.

The Story
Tristan Prettyman

Well I'm the icing on the cake
I'm the secret ingredient you're missing
Down the sidewalk but not complete
And I'm the reason that, baby you're tripping
On decisions you didn't make
I'm the chance you chose not take
And I'm the one you wish you were kissin'
Pray for clear skies tonight
You better start wishin'

So you write the title
I'll write the chapters
We could read a story of love gone disaster
You write the moral
And I'll write the lesson
We could read a love that kept us guessin'

Cause I'm in the question
You are in the reason
Soon this will change
Just like the seasons
My leaves will fall
While you're turning cold
And the colors are on the ground are so bright and so bold
And I'll make no motion
You'll hold me tightly
I'll look at you as you let me down lightly
Oh the story always ends up like this
Another opportunity that you're going to miss

So you write the title
And I'll write the chapters
We could read a story of love gone disaster
You write the moral
I'll write the lesson
We could read a love that kept us guessin'

Oh but I know you so well
When are you gonna come around
Oh I know you so well
When are you gonna come around,
Oh oh oh
You want it to be like this
Oh oh oh
I see how it is
Another opportunity that you're going to miss

Download: Tristan Prettyman - The Story

Download This!

Mew/ The Zookeeper's Boy

It's been a slow week in music, so with their cd finally released in the US, I pick out this ace song for download of the week. These Danish guys are weird. Male falsetto + explosive riffs = fantastic. How did they do that? This whole song is like a heavenly hymn. The kind you would expect to hear at church. But they craft it so well that the song's infectiously catchy and there's this ethereal vibe to it. It's hard to describe. Once you hear it, it's hard to get the chorus out of your head. Delicious art-rock, it is.

Download: Mew - The Zookeeper's Boy


Jennifer Paige/ Stranded

Remember back in 1998, there's this pop song called 'Crush'? So yeah, Jennifer Paige is a one hit wonder. After 'Crush', she put out a second album that no one cares about. However, that album did give us another good pop singel equal to 'Crush'. It's called 'Stranded'. The song's just irresistibly, shameless catchy with a very nice hook. Jen's got good pipes to carry the tunes, and it's just a song to listen to when you're walking on the beach in sunshine. Okay, I know, just download it, while I get over the fact that summer's over that start working on that autumn mixtape.

Download: Jennifer Paige - Stranded

Music Video Of The Week

Bob Dylan/ When The Deal Goes Down

Honestly, I'm not keen on the song. Neither am I on Bob. I respect what he does, and his consitency of still making music at the age of 64, and it's nice to see him on top again (and have a myspace). I just don't feel his music. In contrast, I do love this video. It pays homage to the sixties with the shaky home video camera style and the grainy, vintage, arty video effects. And the whole 5 minutes just focus on Scarlett Johansson frolicking around. She looks gorgeous as always. Such a talented, beautiful lady. I fell in love with her since I first watched Lost In Translation, and now this video just makes my crush on her worse. Stunning work.

Download: Bob Dylan - When The Deal Goes Down Music Video (MOV format)

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