Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Summer Ends...That Sucks

  • Okay, I've got bad news and good news for ya. What do you want to hear first?
    Bad news: Summer's over. I know, so unfair, so cruel. I'm officially back to school tomorrow. That means: less frequency of updates, I'll probably only be able to post in weekends. This year, I'm a senior, have to take it seriously. Bloggers have lives too, you know. I wish I can say that doing all of this, giving you all great music, is profitable, but I can't make a living out of this, at least for now, so please help me spread the word. I hope more visitors will come more often to this great blog.
    Good news: I'm not giving it all up. These I can be sure I will do:
    -A review of the summer comebacks of 2006, who's hot, who's not. Mp3s included.
    -Two mixtapes: an autumn one and possibly a Christmas one.
    -Year-end 'Best Of': Best Singles, Best Albums, Best Music Videos, like what I did last year, but at a certainly higher level, since I really evolved in my musical taste. Gonna be a long list to compile.
    -I'll still be updating 'Saturday Is For Soundtrack' & 'Picks Of The Week'. That's for sure. Expect that every now and then, I will post a bunch of links to what's happening around in other music blogs.

    So thanks for being with me. I don't know why I chose that cd cover for this post. Just like the summer feel of it, great artwork. Wow, I really do hope I'll make it through another year, big plans for future and all...
    Here's a twee track to go along with the spirit of school tomorrow. Better not oversleep tomorrow, at the first day of the school year. Must. Not. Mess. Up.

    Im From Barcelona - Oversleeping

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