Saturday, September 09, 2006

Time For Another Quick Music Update

Okay, not much going on when I was schooling this week. Just three new albums from Jamelia, Stephanie McIntosh (pictured above) and Evanescence that I, erhmmm, happened to, erghmm, find, in, erhmm, places. You know the places. I haven't leaned to The Open Door yet, but based on first listen, I do like Jamelia's album more than Beyonce's 'B'Day'. I was a bit let down by Steph's debut though, it's just too samey. Here are some interesting links for the week:

Just a side note. This blog's stats have dropped dramatically after just a few dates not updated. Should I sell out and post that new single by * cough * Clay Aiken? That Mariah song 'Without You' cover? Nah, I'm not ready to stoop to that low.

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