Wednesday, September 27, 2006

To those who can't download anything here for the last 2 days...

I've just finished reuploading most of the mp3s on the front page. I'm through with FileDen, now that I realize that eventually you're gonna have to reach the bandwidth limit. So practically, any mp3s I uploaded before on FileDen is dead, now. So much time and effort has blown away! Sigh...
For now, I'm gonna stick with zshare for a while. I like zshare in that you don't have to wait or type codes in, but files get deleted after 15 days with no downloads. I've been trying, which allows hotlinking and unlimited bandwidth, but the site's been messing up with me, can't upload anything up there.
So do you by any chance know a good file upload site that both has hotlinking and unlimited bandwidth? If you do, tell me so. Thanks.
Oh, by the way, if you really want any of the old stuff that I posted, email me at zeonmusic (at) gmail dot com (my spanking new email address) and I'll send it to you. Peace.

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