Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Some Cool Remixes Of All Saints, Madonna, & Jim Noir!

Some interesting new remixes I've heard recently.

All Saints - Rock Steady (MSTRKRFT Mix)
Rock Steady gets the MSTRKRFT treatment. One for the clubs. If you love the song that much, make sure to hear this one.

Madonna - Jump (Jacques Lu Cont Mix)
It's Jacques Lu Cont/ Thin White Duke. That dude knows how to make a good dance remix. I haven't listened to it, but I know it's gonna sound great.

Jim Noir - Eanie Meany (Fatboy Slim Mix)
Finally, not necessarily new, but I just found this one last week and it just made me dig the song more. Fatboy Slim did an awesome job with this.

Also come by Idolator for a cool DFA club remix of Justin Timberlake's 'My Love'.

Zeon's Halloween Mix

Okay, so every blog's doing it and I'm a bit behind due to hosting issues, so I have to reupload the files again for you guys...Anyway, this is a mixed treat bag, with a collection of songs ranged from electropop to indie, and their titles are all connected to the Halloween theme. Have fun listening to them, and I hope you enjoy dressing up in costumes and getting all sorts of sweets from the neighborhood, or enjoy giving candies to tooth-decay the kids, or getting wild at some extravagant adult Halloween party...

All of these songs are quite great themselves, so if you have time, check them all!

Emily Haines & The Soft Skeleton - Doctor Blind
Imogen Heap - Spooky (Dusty Springfield Cover)
Ben Gibbard - Thriller (Michael Jackson Cover)
Sarah McLachlan - Building A Mystery (Live)
Air - Ghost Song
The Cranberries - Zombie
Charlotte Gainsbourg - Little Monsters
Rogue Traders - Voodoo Child (Radio Mix)
Royksopp - What Else Is There (Radio Edit)
The Simpsons Theme - End Credits (The Addams Family Style)

Have an awesomely bloody Halloween!

I'm so weary...got to go to sleep now...

Halloween Video Galores!

To wet your appetite, here are some cool new videos that have something to do with Halloween for you to watch, just in case you have nowhere else to go to at this time of the year...

Gnarls Barkley - Who Cares
A story of a vampire struggling with his nightlife. See, they have issues like us, too.

CSS - Alala
Gory group fight in reserve. Lots of awesome bloody close-up shots. From the Brazillian indie electronic band.

Malajube - Fille à Plume
Scary lady ghost kills each member of the band with gruesome ways, and then regroups them as some kind of ghost boyband? Funny black-and-white rock noir video from this French Quebec indie rock band.

The Killers - Bones
This is so last week, I know, but Tim Burton and skeletons? It's only natural! Hahah...I know, not that funny.

Royksopp - What Else Is There
This is not a new video, but I feel the need to include it because it was the most awesomely shot music video of 2005 in my opinion. Good casting, extraordinary, groundbreaking direction and visual effects, and most of all, a spectacular dark electropop song. Still send chills down my spines.

Mystery Artist - Mysterious Freakin' Scary Video

This, is the most scary of the bunch. DO NOT WATCH, I warn you! Blood might flow out of your eyes and ears. Extremely disturbing, with very very satanic music. Have I told you not to watch? Proceed at your own risk! Arrrrrgggh!

Note: My file host seems to experience some severe problems right now, although I already uploaded the mp3s for my Halloween mix, I can't enter the site and get the links out! I'll see what I can do to fix this up. In the meantime, bear with me and enjoy the videos instead. Sorry.

Happy Halloween!

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Stunning Cover Work: Skye - Feel Good Inc.

Skye, if that name rang a bell to you, used to be the vocalist for trip-hop/electronica band Morcheeba. She left the band to pursue a solo career, and her debut album is a quite good collection of relaxing, chill-out electronic pop song. I came across this cover yesterday and I just immediately fell in love with it. It's just one of those things that you know are gonna be great even before listening. One day she visited KCRW radio station, they asked her to do a cover, and she just reacted impromptuly and chose this song to sing. The whole thing was just done so artfully, I had never viewed the song in such an angle before. Laidback, delicate acoustic guitar arrangements, and Skye's sweet, breathy, light voice just perfectly goes with the melodies. This song will just fit well with the rest of the tracks on her debut solo album 'Mind How You Go'. This is just one of those things that you have to hear to believe it. She completely transformed the song into a coffee-table afternoon chill-out. Utterly beautiful work.
I included here a previously posted mp3 of her debut single 'Love Show', which is also a gorgeous song, in case you want to know more of her.
This cover I ripped from the KCRW podcast, and there's only 2 minutes of it (stop right before the 'Shake it' rap), so I'm not sure if this is the full version or not, because nowhere else can I find it available. If there is a longer version and you happen to have it, please email me! In the meantime, check out the goodness! Highly recommended!

Skye - Feel Good Inc
*Bonus: Skye - Love Show

Buy her cd

Corinne Bailey Rae Covers Bjork & Editors

Corinne Bailey Rae possess an angelic, soulful voice that can make just about anything she sings sound relaxing and soothing.
These two covers she did for that obscure radio show Live Lounge With Jo Whiley are proof to my statement.
Here she sweetened a Bjork song and a dark, anthemic rock track of Editors into summery, laidback, beautiful ballads. Just exquisite, the way she did it. I think we can expect so much more of this young lady in the future. If she can avoid the sophomore slump, that is.

Corinne Bailey Rae - Munich (Editors Cover)
Corinne Bailey Rae - Venus As A Boy (Bjork Cover)

Buy her s/t record

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Saturday Is For Soundtrack: Buffy The Vampire Slayer: Part 4: Theme Songs

Sorry for the long delay for this conclusion part focusing on the soundtrack of Buffy The Vampire Slayer. This was in the draft for quite a long time, for this required some insightful pictures and videos searching. It's good to finally publish it. As you can see above, that's Buffy looking back at Sunnydale in the series finale 'Chosen', when she's not the only vampire slayer on Earth no more.

The opening theme. It's amazing how it has no lyrics, just some good old kicking guitar riffs with thumping drumbeats, and still it managed to get stuck in your head for seven straight years of the show on air. If you're feeling nostalgic, hear it again. I offer both the original version played by Nerf Herder and the cool sorta remake played the Breeders for the Radio Sunnydale cd.

Nerf Herder - Buffy The Vampire Slayer Opening Theme
The Breeders - Buffy The Vampire Slayer Opening Theme

Buy Buffy The Vampire Slayer: the Album

You can even check out the last few minutes of the final episode, thanks to the wonder that is Youtube.

Now, let's move on to the spin-off, Angel, lasting for 5 seasons. Overall, Angel is almost as equally great as Buffy, but then things started to go downhill since season 4 with some f**ked-up twists (like when Cordy slept with Angel's son Connor and got pregnant, and the whole worshipping-that-black-lady-whose-name-I-forgot after that). Season 5 saw a decrease in standard quality, but it managed to end with a bang, though it was canceled abruptly so the ending was cliffhanging. Below is a picture of Angel's last battle ever...

The now-defunct WB, however, did release a score cd, featuring an extended mix of the opening theme by Darling Violetta. It sounds very mystically sweet and epic! A must-have for Angel fans, if you haven't heard it.

Darling Violetta - Angel Theme (Extended Mix)

Also included in the cd is a song featured in the episode when Fred's soul was terminated and Illyria was reborn into her body. Sad, sad country pop song, with quite touching lyrics, and what's good is that it's slow and moody, but not cheesy at all. Great choice for that moment.

Kim Richey - A Place Called Home
Buy Angel: Live Fast Die Never CD

Below are two more clips, one is a promo for Angel's series finale 'Not Fade Away', and one is a thank-you clip from The WB to the fans.

Although Tru Calling has nothing to do with the Buffyverse, it featured the acting talents of the bedazzling Eliza Dushku (aka 'Faith' in Buffy, so I just felt the need to type some more about this short-lived show.

Just concentrate on her face on that pic, the armpit area looks rather unpleasant.

So basically, in the show, Eliza played a female protagonist named Tru Davies (cool name) who works in a morgue and has the ability to hear the calling of dead corpses and rewind the day before, and her mission is to find the victim, and try her best to alter their fate, so that they're still alive the day after. There are times she succeeds, there are times she doesn't. Season 1 ends with the death of her boyfriend because of her meddling with time. Just when 6 episodes of season 2 were ordered and in post-production, Fox canceled the show. Later, the unaired episode made it to dvd. Since I watched those, it's a pity that the show didn't have the chance to continue just as the show started to evolve into what could be more interesting, with an arch-nemesis (played by Jason Priestley) whose job is to keep her from alternating reality.

So overall, it's a decent show, good enough to keep me watching every week, but it faded too soon, in my opinion.

Here's the theme song, 'Somebody Help Me' by Full Blown Rose, a Evanescence-esque band who got the same marketing tricks like them (having a song in the soundtrack of Elektra, but the film flopped, so they never really made it to the spotlight). It's a catchy, dark, gothic rock song, recommended for Evanescence fans.

Full Blown Rose - Somebody Help Me (Tru Calling Theme Song)

Buy Tru Calling DVDs

Here's the opening sequence for the show, just so you can see Eliza running around in tight tops.

*Off-topic: I just want to take a moment to mention that the site was feature on VH1's Best Week Ever blog twice in a week, and it also reached its highest peak ever, thanks to the Pipettes. I owe them so much.

I just add this thing called 'Lyrical Brilliance' on the sidebar where I extract those little great, inspiring sparks in song lyrics once in a while, to reflect a state of mind I'm in then. Or just another excuse for me to post cryptic nonsense. Have fun guessing which song I snippeted.

The Halloween mix will surface on Dec 31 instead, since my host Filexoom's experiencing some problems.

Amerie - New Track, New Mixtape!

Amerie's just unoffically released a mixtape out on the streets called 'Because I Love It Vol. 1' and it featured some raw, short tracks she's been recording in the studio. Some we have already heard, like the lead funky single 'Take Control' and 'That's What U R', and some are refreshingly new, including this one called 'Money Maker'. You see, it basically used the instrumental version of that song of Ludacris, and had Amerie chirp over it with a brand new tune. The result is quite surprisingly good. I'm quite sure this won't make it to her album due in March 2007, since it's just something fun for the underground, so go ahead and take a listen.

Amerie - Money Maker (Vocal Re-Edit)

Since this album is not available officially commercially, I think it's okay to give the link to evaluate the tracks (even Idolator has posted a link to that), so if you want to preview more, do so.
Download her Because I Love It Vol.1 Mixtape here

Get it fast before someone asked me to remove them.

The Pipettes - A Cover Of 'I Think We're Alone Now' And Some More Rarities!

Britpop fans or Girls Aloud fans in particular must have known that a cover of Tiffany Tommy James & The Shondels's 'I Think We're Alone Now' will be included in their greatest hits album. Now while we're waiting to see how them girls pull that off, let's check out the very own cover version of the same song by the much-loved The Pipettes, shall we?

They just made the song ctheir own, in that they turned the song comfortably into their '60s-novelty-pop style. So they did a pretty good job, nothing completely awestruck but still, lovely and well done.
I decide that one track's not enough, so I offer you two nice b-sides of 'Judy' and also an acoustic version of 'Judy'. So what you're gonna do? Download them all if you're already a fan.

I'll keep finding more excuse to post their pics, since I just discovered their Flickr page.

The Pipettes - I Think We re Alone Now (Tiffany Cover) (Live On Dermot O'Leary Sessions)
The Pipettes - Feminest Complaints (Judy B-Side)
The Pipettes - The Burning Ambition Of Early Diuretics (Judy B-Side)
The Pipettes - Judy (Acoustic Version) (Your Kisses Are Wasted On Me B-Side)

A little something more for the BWE readers that are coming here...Here are some more b-sides goodness of The Pipettes from a previous post.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

This is the most disgusting news of the day...

Warning: Picture below is a bit NSFW.

What a slvt. This is Marion Raven's (that Norwegian chick of that sh1tty duo M2M) cover for her new EP released in the US called 'Heads Will Roll'. So yes, my head did roll, but with disgust. Right now, her most downloaded song in iTunes is entitled 'Good 4 Sex'. And all her songs are labeled 'explicit'. So her music is now all raw and sexy rock, not bubblegum pop rock like those cheesily catchy singles she released a while back? This is one of the most grotesque marketing moves for a pop act I've ever seen. 'This girl wants to break in America with a big bang. What should we do? Oh, let's make her sing a bunch of f**king rocky songs, make her act like a slvtty underage hooker, shoot a video with her lying stark naked on top of other stark naked, breast-exposed women, take a capture of the vid for the cd cover and voila, we watch pervy teenagers rushing out to purchase it?
Forget it, I will not buy this kind of fvcked-up manufactured, ill-minded image marketing, and please spare me if you want to declare this a brilliant pop/ rock record. Because frankly, even if it is, I don't fvcking care. Suddenly, I find newfound respect for the other one-half of M2M, for I know her solo album doesn't follow this sick way of promotion and some have even said it's a good pop record. I won't even care for that, either, but at least she's not doing this.

What a wh0re.

Come to think of it, I won't even post the pic to cheapen my blog and help her get more media exposure. So click here to see it if you care.

Sorry for the offensive disses but I just really felt speaking my mind about what's wrong with the pop music industry today. This just really pissed me off.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Annie - Heartbeat (Simlish Mix)

This is one of the best electropop song I've heard in 2005, and this new version surfaced just gave the proof that the song's still effectively awesome without the lyrics. So this is a track recorded for the soundtrack of The Sims 2: Nightlife game, so basically, it's the same song, the only change is that it was sung in Simlish, the language the characters in The Sims use to talk that makes absolutely no sense! You've probably heard another Simlish version of The Pussycat Dolls' 'Don't Cha' somewhere else. I'm not sure if Annie even re-recorded it, I think they just let it go through some kind of effect filter. Check it out anyway, it's fun.

*Link repaired.
Annie - Heartbeat (Simlish Mix)

Gwen Stefani - Wind It Up

So it has been officially announced that 'Wind It Up' will be the first single off her sophomore album, supposedly titled 'The Sweet Escape'. Problem is, this song is crap. The worst single she ever released. Good points for The Sound Of Music sample, but being produced by Pharrell Williams, it just didn't live up to the expectations. I start to wonder that if this is the best leftover track that she has on her album, then how worse is the rest?
That collaboration with Tim Rice Oxley of Keane had better work out, because I'm really not liking this song at all.

Gwen Stefani - Wind It Up
Evaluate the song, then when the cd comes out, delete it and tra la la to the nearest store. Support the artist!

Monday, October 23, 2006

Fiona Apple - Sally's Song (Soundtrack for Tim Burton's Nightmare Before Christmas)

Disney's always smart at cashing in. Re-releasing a hugely popular movie in a new format, throw in a few new soundtracks recorded by popular artists, and ta-da, they sit there and money rolls in. Other popular pop music blogs have covered on the soundtrack, those sung by Panic! At The Disco, Fall Out Boy, Marilyn Manson, all that emo sh1te (sorry if I offense you). Personally, I felt shame for Fiona Apple having to be listed next to all these names. She obviously stood out. This is a melancholy, exquisite, dramatic, and haunting cover and a perfect fit for the movie. I'd buy the soundtrack for this track alone. Definitely work checking out.

*Update: Link fixed!
How come this is the most popular download and still nobody reported me about the error? Come on, if you want to hear it, and the link got error, you need to tell me, so that I can fix it!
Fiona Apple - Sally's Song

Buy it at Amazon

Oh and come by this weekend for a Halloween mini mix! Should be scarily good.

New Pop Single & Music Video: Stacie Orrico - So Simple

I just post this because I haven't seen it posted anywhere on other blogs, so I just have to. This YouTube version was uploaded by the director himself, so quality's quite smooth. Simple concept: She's 'stripping to the core' (that means she's taking off her diamond ring, belt and coat, sorry, pervs) and breaking off the four walls to zip-a-dee-doo-dah on a wheatfield drenched in sunshine. So simple! 'Much less is more more more!'. Whatever...

Now if you can get pass the idea that this is Christian pop for Christian pop's sake, in that she's trying to teach you moral things through lyrics, you can see that this is a quite decent pop song, laidback and candy sweet to the ears. Such a shame this sure won't get played much in her home country, except Radio Disney and maybe a little TRL.
This song makes me reconsider if I should bother checking out 'Beautiful Awakening' (See, the title! That's what turned me off in the first place!)

Evaluate the song: Stacie Orrico - So Simple (Album Version)

Also acknowledge that new videos of Fergie, Lily Allen, Jamelia have surfaced on Youtube. I won't post them, but I think you know the places to watch...

Buy it at Amazon

Liz Phair, Oh Where Are You Now?

It always comes to a debate when you mentioned Liz Phair. So yes, she did sell out big time, she left behind her indie fan base to chase after a more commercial, overglossed, generic, pop-orientated rock-chick sound with her self-titled fourth album back in 2003. That pissed lots of her fans off, but not me. Actually, I had to thank her because I would have never known her if it had not been for the two poptastic, The-Matrix-produced singles 'Why Can't I' and 'Extraordinary'. Seriously, those two songs are highly addictive, quality pop. So I was eager to check out her follow-up album, 'Somebody's Miracle'. It turned out so dull and mediocre. Even the lead single's boring. She just got kinda half-hearted in this album, trying to both win back old fans with the indie, folk-tinged songs and the pop-rock sound she pursued in Liz Phair. And she did a special guest performance on 'Charmed' to promote. And now, she just disappeared. Her disasterous album tanked horribly, selling only more than 100,000 copies, and there's no second single. I doubt that Capitol might have dropped her, too. However, if I didn't listen to this album, I wouldn't find out these two gems that stand out from the first listen. Two well-crafted upbeat pure pop songs that's so easy on the ears, and sound perfect for a Sunday bike ride. Highly recommended for pop lovers, if you haven't listened to them. Now Liz, get back in the studio and put out a innovative indie album to redeem your sinful self.

Liz Phair - Count On My Love
Liz Phair - Giving It All To You

Buy it at Amazon

Inbox: Tahiti 80

This is a new feature that I make especially for indie artists who submit their work through my email address and whose music I'm actually interested in. To start off, let's have an insightful look at a French indie electronic pop band called 'Tahiti 80'. Here are a few things you should know about them:

  • Their name was taken from a souvenir T-shirt slogan.
  • They make this kind of soulful electronic pop that's plain fun to tap your toes to.
  • Their new album has the help of Neal Pogue Serban Ghenea, Outkast & NERD's sound engineers.
  • The first single 'Changes' off their third album 'Fosbury' (which will be released in the US this November) is a slice of upbeat catchy French pop. And they sing in English.
  • They kinda remind me of Phoenix, another good English-speaking French band.
  • This, below, is the music video for 'Changes', directed by Jonas Odell (who also directed Franz Ferdinand's 'Take Me Out' and Madonna's 'Music'). It's quite trippy. And it's got dancing bears! (okay, people in bear costumes dancing). Check it out. I quite like it.

  • This definitely won't be my last post about them. Can't wait for my copy to arrive!
  • If you like what you hear, let's make friends with them Parisians. Here's their MySpace.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

The Pipettes - Judy (Blue States Remix)

If you're a frequent reader of this blog, then you sure know how much I love these three lovely girls. They're like the saviors of pop, frozen in a time machine from the sixties, and released in time to save the world with their doo-wop melodies.
So apparently, I'm loving this new remix of Judy. It gave a new strong, headbanging beat, along with some nice little touches. All of those elements completely renewed my interest in the song, now that I have a more upbeat version to listen to other than the album one, which is pretty worn out by now. What's even better about the remix is that it doesn't go too electro and modern, so the whole '60s vibe is still visible. If you like The Pipettes, this is a must have. Have fun.

The Pipettes - Judy (Blue States Remix)

*Off-topic: Somebody told me Hype Machine didn't accept my blog. I'm a little saddened by that. There goes my plan for a more mainstream indie approach. It's okay, it's about time I stopped convincing those snobs just to prove something, and concentrate on raising a community for music lovers here.
Just a note, I will sort out the promotional emails this weekend, and plan to post the ones I like. So keep sending stuff you think I would be interested in. Not all sent will make it to my blog, but I will be sure to give them all a fair chance.

(+44) - When Your Heart Stops Beating

Here are a few things you should know about this 'new' band:

  • Blink 182 - Tom Delonge + two new dudes = (+44)
  • The name (+44) was conceived as a reference to the international dialing code for the United Kingdom, where Hoppus and Barker first discussed the new project.
  • Musically, they're still Blink 182, which I still can't make out whether a good or a bad thing.
  • Their debut single's called 'When Your Heart Stops Beating'.
  • It's pretty catchy punk-pop, but seemed destined to go nowhere in the charts since the emo army is taking over the place.
  • I'd rather listen to (+44) than that crap band 'Angels & Airwaves'.

Give them a try: (+44) - When Your Heart Stops Beating

Here's their music video, which I quite like.

Official site: http://www.plusfortyfour.com/

Bonus Songs From Amerie, Lady Sovereign & My Chemical Romance!

Some alternate versions of songs I posted on the blog before.

To begin with, I just got my hands on the instrumental version of Amerie's 'Take Control' and it's hot! Necessary for your butt-shaking need! Proof that the song's still hella good without the vocals. Check it out, maybe you can do some karaoke on top of it too.
Amerie - Take Control (Instrumental)

Hot new Missy Elliott Remix of 'Love Me Or Hate Me'. It's featuring Missy Elliott, nuff said. Grab it!
Lady Sovereign - Love Me Or Hate Me (Missy Eliiott Remix) (via Pitchfork Media)

And last of the bunch, here's a new unreleased song from the emo kings My Chemical Romance. It's called 'Mama'! There you go...
My Chemical Romance - Mama (Unreleased) (via Idolator)

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Brilliant Music Video: Christina Aguilera - Hurt

I just watched it and felt the need to post it here. This hardly ever happened, but I'm gonna be honest and confess that I had to choke back after watching it. It's just really powerful and visually moving. I don't know why but I seem to get a tad over sentimental for music videos that tackle on the family issues (like Kelly Clarkson's 'Because Of You'). Christina's acting is a bit weak, but overall, it's really nice to see a video like this opening the minds of the TRL kids. She must be real brave to release a ballad like this as a single when all radio stations play today is urban music. This has to be one of the best music videos I've seen this year so far. Well done, Floria Sigismondi.

Download Christina Aguilera - Hurt Music Video (Mp4 Format in Zip File)

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Camera Obscura: One ABBA Cover & One B-side

Camera Obscura is one of my pleansant finds of 2006. They make this kind of melancholy, nostalgic '60s-style pop, but they're no Belle & Sebastian. 'Lloyd, I'm Ready To Be Heartbroken' is definitely one of the best indie songs (and music videos) that manage to be both innovative in style and still catchy. Lead singer Tracy always kinda exudes deep sadness from both her looks and her vocals, and their nostalgia is no gimmick. When she said she prefer the Walkman to the iPods, you have no other choice but to believe her. So when I found out this band did a cover for ABBA's 'Super Trouper' for the Dermot O' Leary Sessions, I was so eager to listen to their take on the song.
Fact is, they did a real good job. Never have I thought an ABBA song can be quite that deep. It's just that they turned the happy bouncy Europop original version to this beautiful acoustic jam, and took the song to a never-before level. The power laid in Tracy's voice. She just made it sound damn sombre in the verse and then switched to 'It's okay, I'll be fine' in the chorus.
I've been playing this incessantly on my iPod ever since I downloaded it, and I recommend you guys to take a listen and see for yourself.

Also for long-time Camera Obscura fan, here's a b-side from their second single off 'Let's Get Out Of This Country', it's called 'Return To Send Her' and it's pretty good, too.

Nostalgia just feels good, doesn't it?

Camera Obscura - Super Trouper (ABBA Cover) (or YouSendIt link)
Camera Obscura - Return To Send Her (or YouSendIt link)

Buy it at Amazon

Quick note: Damien Rice & Scarlett Johansson...

  • If you're still craving for more Damien Rice, get to Good Weather For Airstrikes this instant and grab his new b-side for '9 Crimes'. It's called 'The Rat Within The Grain', and it's slightly more upbeat than your typical Damien Rice song. It's quite good for a b-side. Also be sure to get your hands on Damien Rice & Lisa Hannigan covering Pink's 'Get The Party Started' ! Yeah, for real! You know you want it!
  • You may be wondering what the hell is Scarlett Johansson doing at a music blog? Well, if you haven't heard, she just signed a record deal and will be releasing a cover album in spring 2007 called 'Scarlett Sings Tom Waits'. I think you get the idea, it's her covering songs of Tom Waits. Now if you're curious about how she sounds like, head over Stereogum and download her rendition of the classic 'Summertime', which she did for a celebrity compilation album. I have to say I'm looking forward to this. Anything from her is appreciated, at least she didn't declare her music as 'raw' or something. And you, stop glaring at her buxom bosoms, pervs! (Have you seen those new Allure spread, and those kinky pics of her with Dita Von Reese (Marilyn Manson's wife)? Man, she totally deserved that 'Sexiest Woman Alive' title.)

Sunday, October 15, 2006

When JoJo Covers Foo Fighters...

I may sound a little biased against JoJo, but frankly, I'm just not a fan. She has one or two good pop hits, but I just don't dig her much. Maybe she's too TRL-ish for me. Maybe it's the stage name.(come on, JoJo? Like 'JoJo' in 'Mojo Jojo' or 'JoJo & The Circus'?)
But I totally respect her as a vocalist. She can knock out any pop pretenders her age any day in the vocal department. And how many teenage pop stars would choose Foo Fighters to cover at first thought? It could be a smart, calculative move, but nah, I'll give her props for this cover. A moment sitting down in the Radio 1 Live Lounge and just singing the words with a guitar backing up. It reminds you of how she can really sing her ass off. She turned the song into Disney-soundtrack-ready. Nice job, young lady.

JoJo - Times Like These (Foo Fighters Cover)

Indie 101: The Icicles

I think you've got the idea of how effing twee this band is.
Had it not been for a Moto KRZR cell phone commercial, I would have had no idea that this band exists.

So I was watching that colorful, kaleidoscopelicious tv spot above, and found the tune quite catchy. But it took me a few views more on tv before I decided to begin the Google quest to find out who sings this poppy song. Took me about 5 minutes.
At first, I thought it's a Liz Phair song, since the singer sounded pretty much like her, but actually, that tune is 'Sugar Sweet' by this small indie pop band called The Icicles from Michigan. They craft this kind of twee, upbeat, dreamy, catchy '60s-style pop with sweet harmonies and all. Think of The Pipettes, but less nostalgic.
Sugar Sweet, the song from their second album 'A Hundred Patterns' released in 2005, is the kind of song that sounds exactly like how you feel when you're crazy in love, the indie pop way. It's short, repetitive and 'sugar sweet' (mind the brainless pun), and every time I turn this on, I just feel the urge to go out on the streets and make a fool of myself by jumping and spinning on the lamp post and swirling around...okay...I'd never do that.
So if what I just described above is totally music to your ears, go grab the song and the other one called 'Snowman', the only two songs available online for free from the band's official site. I'd love to hear more of these sunshine goodies, though!

The Icicles - Sugar Sweet
The Icicles - Snowman

Buy it at Amazon

Indie 101: Smoosh

It's official. I can't get enough of these two girls.
"Smoosh is an American indie pop duo, consisting of two sisters, singer/keyboardist Asya (born February 2, 1992) and drummer Chloe (born March 5, 1994). At the time of their first album, She Like Electric, released on September 21, 2004, Asya was 12 years old and Chloe was 10. All of their songs are originals and the lyrics are written by the girls themselves. They live in Seattle, Washington with their father, Mike, a medical researcher, their mother, Maria, a pediatrician of Swedish descent, their two younger sisters, Maia (born 1997; she did the artwork for the covers of She Like Electric and free to stay) and Scout, and two pets."
Now age ain't nothing but a number. If you can get past the fact that they're as young as your daughter or your little sister, you will be willing to know that their music is way better than they should be. They're no gimmicks, and they don't make children's music either. In an awkward way, you can label them 'indie teen pop'. But their music really is just plain fun, straightforward, childish, sweet, inoffensive music that's super catchy for the ears when managing to not fall into the Radio Disney area. Chloe was classically trained by the drummer of Death Cab For Cutie. And their sophomore album 'Free To Stay' was released in July by Barsuk Records, the old label of Death Cab For Cutie. How's that for credibility?
If you want to know what I'm talking about, go check out 'Find A Way', their current single. It's hard to not get this sunshine tune stuck in your head. I would rarely say this, but I think the pop people may as well enjoy them too. They're raw talents, so let's hope the Disney/Nickelodeon people won't come and spoil them with a tv movie deal, then I can sit back, enjoy their music and think of what they can become when they grow older.

Smoosh - Find A Way
Smoosh - Rock Song

Here's their cute music video for 'Find A Way'.

Buy it at Amazon
Smoosh's official site

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Heads Up, Urban Kids: New Stuff From Amerie, Mario, Jay Z, Jibbs & Lady Sovereign!

Amerie - Take Control
Wow. Didn't expect it. I mean, '1 Thing' is right there with 'Crazy In Love' as one of the brassiest, most bombastic r&b/hip-hop song ever of the 00s, mainly due to Rich Harrison's production skills. But then, it's the only hit she's got. Her album 'Touch' wasn't so good, but I did expect something similar from this supposedly new single from her new album 'Because I Love It'. Fact is, it's excellent! It's a gem in these days of r&b/hip-hop mediocrity. Groovy bass lines, funky '80s beats and a tuneless tune to go with. Just everything we need to get shaky. Produced by Cee-Lo of Gnarls Barkley and Amerie herself, you can hear him sing backup vocals in the song. Now I'm really loving it and looking forward to the third album of this Korean American songstress.
Mario - How Do I Breathe
Uhmmm...he's back. If you like 'Let Me Love You', you'll like this. Smooth vocals and melodies, all sweet and sugary. Just nothing new. Plain commercial Usher-type r&b. His new album is called 'Mario Barrett - Effortless'.
Jay Z - Show Me What You Got
Jay Z - Kingdom Come
We all know this day will come. Jay Z just won't give up easily. He keeps lurking behind collaborations and now officially returns with new album 'Kingdom Come'. Show Me What You Got is the new single. To be honest, the beats and the sample are quite good, but the rapping, I don't know. It's just not worthwhile, how we've been waiting so long and this is all he can give. Also inlcuded is a promo rip of the title track. Now let's pray that the Chris Martin collaboration be good.
Jibbs feat. Melody Thornton of The Pussycat Dolls - Go Too Far
This guy's one year younger than me and he's already got a top 10 rap debut hit? I must admit that even though I don't care much for the guy, 'Chains Hang Low' is actually very catchy and refreshing for its singsong, fun vibe, after all the thug hood stuff we've been flooding with. This song is no different, he's not even trying to be badass, as this is a quite lovely, tinkling r&b/hip-hop track with vocal 'talents' from Melofy Thornton of the PCD (you know, the girl who sings all the oohs). It's kinda cute. Gonna be a hit, I bet.
Lady Sovereign - Love Me Or Hate Me (F*** You)
Wow, what's with me and cheeky, bad-mouthed English girls? I didn't give a damn then when the hype started spreading around and then recently, I decided to check out this new song from her, and found out and that she's actually surprisingly good. This song's instantly catchy right from the get go with the poly-beats and the raspy, weird, funny rap flow of her. Have to say I'm impressed. And the Teris-themed music video is ultra cool also. Now since she's just got signed by Def Jam, big things are waiting for her! Better jump on the love train! She's like the Lily Allen of rap. Somebody'd better confirm that she's not a reinvented Melanie C, and everything's cool. New album 'Public Warning' will drop at the end of this year, I guess. Recommended.

*Note to the frequent readers:

  • I'm still looking for a hotlinking-allowed upload host. Thanks to those who help me with the list. In the meantime, my FileDen's bandwidth is renewed for the month, so practically, all the old FileDen links are available again. I also upload stuff back to this host site. don't overdownload, though. When the bandwidth exceeds, just ring the alarm and I'll reuploading them somewhere else.
  • As usual, there are tons to post for this weekend. Come back tomorrow for these goodies, there's something for everyone: JoJo covers Foo Fighters, Camera Obscura covers ABBA (which is brilliant), a couple of great overlooked Liz Phair tracks, and two fantastic new indie pop bands! And Picks Of The Week is dunzo. I just don't have time for that anymore.
  • Finally, huge thanks to those constructive comments for my mixtape. There will be a Christmas themed mixtape, and and it will get posted sometime in December. So look out for that.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

No, not again!


"These files are so popular that the MediaMax account owner has run out of downloads in the account. Please ask the account owner to upgrade the account to add more downloads."

Why wouldn't you warn me about that when I first registered at your f***ing site, you f***ing moronic, bloodthirsty son of a b1+ch online storage? Why would I want to pay for for your service?

Just when I attempted to break in Hype Machine's bloglist again.

This is no good. No good at all.

I just want to stop censoring my foul language and let it all out, but I can't since I'm such a kindhearted person.


Now that feels better. Sorry, pretend like you didn't read it.
I'm so leaving this f***ed-up thing called MediaSh1ttyMax, FileLodge is so good but why the hell every time I try to upload something there, it stops midway and show me that 'The Page can't be displayed'. UploadHut is annoying because they numberize the file names.

Until now, the mp3s that were hosted by MediaMax are all DEAD. Like, deadly DEAD. And I'm terribly sorry for that. Why couldn't I find a decent, hotlinking-allowed host site? Why? All I want is convenience for readers (and so my mp3s can be viewed if this blog ever joined Hype Machine, which would provide good publicity...)

Any suggestions about host sites?

Anyway, you can still download the mixtape as a zipped file because that one I uploaded on sendspace, if you really care. I'm a little sad nobody but one gave comments for all the hard work, maybe you guys are just not into that genre at all?

Now that's the problem with my music taste. I'm not poppy enough to like Pet Shop Boys, but I'm not indie enough to like TV On The Radio either.

Enough ranting and swearing. I call it a day. More posts coming at the weekend, since I only have spare time then.

Sorry, once again.

Such horseshlt.

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Zeon's Mixtape Vol. 2: AUTUMNALLY

After a full day of tiresome uploading and artwork making, the seoond installment of the Zeon's Mixtape finally surfaced. Here is a collection of 12 outstanding tracks, old and new, handpicked by me for an essential fall listen. While most of the songs really don't have anything to do with the fall theme, their vibes and sounds just remind me of this time of the year, when dead maple leaves scatter on the ground and when I often myself wandering to nowhere with blurry thoughts in my head. My purpose is just to present the tracks I love, not to introduce any new bands or anything, so you may probably hear some of the tracks already. Because I'm so dedicated to this project, I attached both the self-designed front and back cover here, so if you want to burn it into a cd, you've got these lovely covers to print out, and if you're an iPod worshipper like me, I also already attached the cover to the mp3 files. So have fun downloading and checking out great music, and don't forget to give feedbacks!
You can either choose to download track-by-track, if you don't believe my words that every song here is equally great, or you can download the whole bunch as a zipped RAR file (in case you don't have the free program to unzip, go to winrar.com)

Let's reveal the tracklist, shall we?

01 Bic Runga - Get Some Sleep
A cheerful, uplifting track to start the compilation as the rest is quite sombre. This is one of the best tracks Bic Runga has ever done, something about the song just puts an instant smile on my face everytime I play it. Perfect choice for a night walk about downtown when you find it hard to sleep. Fun to sing along, too. I know the first track always gets the most exposure, and she deserved that. Yeah, the order's all calculated.
02 KT Tunstall - Under The Weather (Single Version)Not necessarily better than the album version, but this more upbeat, radio-friendly one is a great one to listen to on a Sunday morning, while sipping tea or hot chocolate.
03 The Cardigans - You're The Storm
A sombre, melancholy track with a soaring chorus. Nina's vocals and the slick production values are what makes the song so special. The Cardigans never let down.
04 Aqualung - Easier To Lie
Sweet, heartwarming, melodic indie pop. Nice to listen to when you're on a walk through the forest in fall.
05 The Vines - Winning Days
The best song of The Vines, in my opinion. It's funny because they do much better in this Beatles-esque sound than in their regular garage-rock one. It's beautiful, tuneful alternative music, and quite instantly accessible. I know it's a great song right from the verse.
06 Bic Runga - Listening For The Weather
The second Bic Runga song to make it here on the mixtape. Just love her! Whereas 'Get Some Sleep' is perfect for a night walk, this is definitely for a afternoon walk. The song's really breezy and feel-good. And there's harmonica.
07 Lene Marlin - You Weren't There
Probably the only slice of pop here from Norwegian singer/songwriter Lene Marlin. The song's the equivalence of a slightly cold breeze blowing to your face, and while the melody can be a bit fleeting, it's a mature, well-crafted pop song, and Lene possess such a soft, whispery that totally fits the tunes.
08 Sarah McLachlan - Sweet Surrender
Wow, this song is just a classic, have to include in no matter what. It's so bittersweet and emotion-driven that sometimes, when I hear this, I almost choke up, especially at the refrain. Everything here's so melancholy from the ethereal vocals to the mysterious, poetic lyrics. The ultimate nightdrive song.
09 The Mountain Goats - Get Lonely
The title track off their new album. Lush acoustic arrangements, John Darnielle's introspective, hauntingly detailed lyrics. A very sad post-break-up song, and thanks for that. The ideal moment for the song: A Monday morning you have to wake up for work, and for some reasons you just keep sitting still on your bed, watching the dead leaves fall from inside.
10 Death Cab For Cutie - I Will Follow You Into The Dark
Simple, yet so achingly warm. Just Ben Gibbard and his guitar. Lyrics is so sincere and a little dark. It's like a musical hug. Also a great sit-at-your-bed-and-listen song, only that it's more appropriate for insomniacs, and it'd be great if you have the crickets outside the garden as your company. Go mope your sorrows!
11 Jim Noir - Turbulent Weather
If you want to check out a track that you never heard before in the tracklist, this should be the one. Dreamy, relaxing, soothing indie pop. It's the one track I will turn on when it rains outside. Should I mention that it ends with sounds of raindrops and thunder? One of my fave new artists of the year, he is.
12 Sia - Breathe Me
The climax of the whole mixtape. Seriously, if you still haven't heard this song, do so now, because you are missing great music! Sia's vocals sound so vulnerable and fragile, and the awesome, atmospheric instrumental solo toward the end can cause you a severe mental breakdown, which is indeed good. Try listening to this when you're driving down the road late at night, passing the trees, passing the tunnels...If you've been having a bad day, you might find tears rolling down your face. Really. Depressing, yet so powerful. Ending the whole cd at a high note.

sorry, all links are dead.

I'm done. If you guys like this one, there will probably be a Vol. 3 around Christmas. Enjoy! And don't forget to drop a comment or two. Feedback is appreciated here.

Saturday Is For Soundtrack: Buffy The Vampire Slayer - Part 3: Once More, With Feeling

One of the best Buffy episodes ever. I had this on my iPod, and I still watch it every now and then. Joss Whedon wrote all of the songs by himself, the cast had such a short time rehearsing but their vocals were on point and while some of them may not have a potential music career, they still sounded quite listenable. I know saying all of this makes me look like a geeky fan, but hey, when it comes to Buffy, I'm not holding back. I would sing these songs whenever I feel like doing. The whole soundtrack for this musical episode is great, so I find it hard to choose just 5 songs. Thanks to YouTube for providing the clips to go with my comments. Now, let's the nostalgia juices flow!

Overture/ Going Through The Motions
Every single night the same arrangement...Opening song that starts with Buffy patrolling in the cemetary, a typical slayer night. Sarah Michelle Gellar sounds great with her singing, she's just got this innocent, cute ring to her voice. Fun song, reflective lyrics.

I've Got A Theory/ Bunnies/ If we're Together
The Scooby gang's in the Magic Box trying to figure out who's this devilish demon that put a spell on everyone and made them burst their secret feelings into songs. An ensemble number, everybody's got their turn to sing. Anya (Emma Caufield) had a hilarious rock solo. Then the cast joined in harmony. What can't we face if we're together? Except for bunnies...

Under Your Spell
Tara (Amber Benson)'s solo, my favorite. The song's very melodic and sweet. It can be fitted as a song in any Disney's throwaway straight-to-dvd princess sequel, sung by an unknown Radio Disney tween pop star, but instead it's the most beautiful song of the episode. Amber's got unbelievable range, and she's the most likely to succeed if she ever considered singing as a career. She's now an author, writing Victorian ghost stories. "You made me complete..."

Walk Through The Fire
So i will walk through the fire...'Cause where else can I turn?...A climactic song, when Buffy was about to go save Dawn from Sweet the singing demon. Another great ensemble number. Why wouldn't Joss be a pop songwriter?

Something To Sing About
Life's a song you don't get to rehearse...The best song of the bunch. Has 2 tempos in one. Buffy sang her heart out, then danced like crazy to the drums and guitars. It's Spike that saved her from getting herself burn by confirming: 'Life's not a song. Life isn't bliss, life is just this, it's living'. Great lyrics. Great melodies. Awesome choreography. Top-notch.

Sacrifice (Score from 'The Gift')
This wasn't planned at all, as I don't normally post score. But then I remember how it was played at the heartbreaking season 5 finale, and I decided to include it. 'The Gift' was how Buffy should have properly ended, but then there would be no 'Once More With Feeling'. Relive the moment again by watching the clip below. This score's also great to sleep to, anyway.

Love what you hear? Then go buy the effing cd.
Update: Buffy Season 8 will premiere on comics in spring 2007, published by Dark Horse comics, and Joss Whedon will write the first part of the series! Here's a pic of the cover, for a teaser:

In related 'Where are they now' news, Mercedes McNab ('Harmony' in Buffy/Angel) just posed nude for the Playboy November 2006 issue, marking her as the second Buffy alumni to strip off for money, desperately (Charisma 'Cordelia' Carpenter was the first). Now maybe I might not have seen the spread, but some tell me that she looked quite hot...[rolling eyes]

...I just watched the first 5 minutes of the LOST season 3 premiere on my iPod, and already got chills down my spines. Brilliant show! Lost will be next after the conclusion of this Buffy soundtrack focus.

When Ted Leo Covers Kelly Clarkson, and Kelly Clarkson Covers Ray LaMontagne!

Kelly Clarkson - Shelter
She sang this Ray LaMontagne cover live on the React Now concert back in 2005. Since I haven't heard the original, I cannot compare the two. But Kelly seems to do a pretty good job with the song. The only problem is that: she sounded like she sang it for an American Idol episode, not like she really meant it.

Ted Leo - Since U Been Gone/Maps
Awesome tongue-in-cheek acoustic live cover from indie hispter Ted Leo. So yeah, he sang it ironically but it stills sound great. In fact, everything was sounding great then all of a sudden, after the riffs, he switched to 'Maps' by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, which lead me to a shocking discovery: the riffs of 'Since U Been Gone' totally ripped off those of 'Maps'. Now that's a cover with a purpose.

When Pop Stars Are Out Of Their Elements: Pink Collaborates With Indigo Girls, Lindsay Lohan Goes Country

Indigo Girls feat. Pink - Rock And Rock Heaven's Gate
Pink teamed up with the Indigo Girls on their latest album 'Despite Our Differences'. On this song. She provided her vocals to the chorus, and she really fitted well in this kind of in-your-face, adult contemporary rock n' roll sound. It's a decent song, but it's something that only forty-somethings, who has witnessed the Lilith fair era, would enjoy. Anyway, come to think of it, Pink and lesbian activists and politics, she's really not that out of her elements, right?

Lindsay Lohan - Frankie & Johnny
She did this song for the soundtrack of an arthouse movie called 'Prairie Home Companion', in which she had a small role. I doubt if any reader of this blog is even interested in seeing the movie. Because I'm not. So this time she kinda goes redneck and sings a country song. Her performance is shaky and not really notable, just a fun karaoke take, but she's somewhat adorable singing it. (And when was the last time you think Lindsay's adorable? For me, it was 'The Parent's Trap'!)

Saturday, October 07, 2006

KT Tunstall's Covergraphy: Updated! Two more Flaming Lips and Jackson 5 Covers

I thought I'm done covering on all of the KT Tunstall covers (wow, nice wordplay there). And Berkeley Place (one of the big guys in the indie blogosphere) went and proved me wrong by pointing me to these two brand new covers she did. As usual, you've got a cover of an indie song, this time it's 'She Don't Use Jelly' by The Flaming Lips, and a cover of a widely known song, which is Jackson 5's 'I Want You Back', and she made the cover so lively, funky, and handclappy. Great version. Feels like you were there shouting, too.

KT Tunstall - I Want You Back (Jackson 5 Cover)
KT Tunstall - She Don't Use Jelly (The Flaming Lips Cover)

*off topic:
-I finally settled down with the file host. From now on, I will upload the indie ones with MediaMax and the pop ones with zShare. Such a relief.
-Just added a photo. Arty pic, because I'm an arty person. Somewhere in an abandoned house, Zeon stood there in the corner, with eyes staring at the spacious void, he must be diving deep in his own think tank...I wonder what he's thinking about?
Okay, so I airbrushed it a bit, blurred the acnes and darkened the light. But it's arty!
-Coming Tomorrow: Pink teams up with Indigo Girls, Lindsay Lohan goes country, kelly Clarkson covers Ray LaMontagne and Ted Leo covers 'Since U Been Gone', part 3 of the Buffy Soundtrack Focus, new track from Jay Z and my new British crush Lady Sovereign, and of course, my fall mixtape. I'm looking for beautiful pictures of fall now (remote forest and streams, dead leaves falling, foliage and stuff), so if you happen to have any pretty pic, send it to me and see if I can use it for the cover.
That's a whole lot to go through.

Friday, October 06, 2006

No, I'm not obsessed with Lily Allen...

It's just that she keeps having new stuff out and I just thought it'd be nice for business here, you know. It's not like I have posted every single new track of her here for the last few days. I just love sharing things with people. That's all. Yeah...

So here are some new remixes for LDN that I've found, thanks to Slv+ty Fringe . Not bad, grab them if you care to. As they're not my own links, the upload host is YouSendIt and the files will be taken down after a week, so be quick.

(files reuploaded)

Lily Allen - LDN (Radioclit Remix)


Lily Allen - LDN (Pojmasta N5 Remix)

And now comes the real interesting stuff. Music Like Dirt is apparently a huge Lily fan as well, and they has a bunch of original songs that Lily has sampled up for download. It just shows how big a sucker for old school reggae vinyls she is. How would you know that she sampled music from a softcore porno called 'Emmanuelle' for 'Littlest Things'? Now you learn something new everyday.
Wait a minute, so did she watch porn to inspire her creativity flow? Then we should all be watching.

Head over to Music Like Dirt and get the compilation

Did you notice? There's a new feature on the sidebar called 'On Rotation'. From now on you can get in on what's on heavy rotation on my iPod. Neat, huh?

Thursday, October 05, 2006

For catching up...

Okay, I'm seriously head over heels these days. Schoolwork has been kinda hectic, there are piles of assignments to work on and everything. Mid-term tests for the next two weeks. So I can't spend much time updating from now on. I tend to be online more in the weekend, though. Here's what to expect from me in the future, just to get you all hyped up first:

  • Finally, Zeon's Mixtape Volume 2: Autumnally will be posted this weekend. 12 autumnally fantastic tracks. Be ready.
  • A covers week. An unexpected cover for each day of the week. All good stuff.
  • An indie insight marathon. New artist introduced every day.
  • A Christmas mixtape.
  • The 'Best Of '06' lists in December.
  • In the meantime, be sure to add me on MySpace! Muhahahahahaa! Let's hope I'm PopJustice's 5000th friend!
  • So far, I've received 5 promotional letters, and I'm actually interested in 2 of them. Let's keep this media machine rolling.
  • I gotta get back to Math now. Sigh...
  • Oh, and even more Lily Allen tomorrow, too!

Monday, October 02, 2006

Zeon's Music Blog just joined MySpace

So I finally joined the messy cult that is MySpace. That pic above is my profile image, quickly done in Photoshop in, like, 5 minutes. I didn't have time to add fancy background and thoroughly thought introduction and so my page seems destined to be eternally boring.
Question is: should I put a link here and invite people to come join the Zeon's Music Blog page?

Here's to shameless promotion...I mean social networking...

Be the first to me on MySpace! (actually, second, since damn smartass Hotstuff Files already searched me and added me first, or third, if you count the 'Tom' guy)

*Trivia: My headline is quoted from Mates Of States' song 'Like U Crazy', my current favorite.

Imogen Heap - Glittering Clouds (The Plague Of Locusts)!

So I assume that you all got a little overwhelmed by that Lily Allen cover? How about a brand new Imogen Heap track for your manic Monday? Yeah, you heard me.

This is track 8 from 4AD’s Plague Songs compilation, on which ten artists each contribute one song based on one of the ten biblical plagues that take place in the book of exodus. Imogen Heap's contribution is for the plague of locusts. As you can see, the song's got a very whimsical, Barney-ish title, and it's quite upbeat and danceable too, but all of that can be a bit misleading since the lyrics are rather dark. That I call the 'Lily Allen' method.

Doesn't hurt to say that the song's quite good too. Go ahead, give it a listen.

Imogen Heap - Glittering Clouds (The Plague Of Locusts)

Sidenote: Click here for a 'Behind The Artwork Of Headlock CD Cover' article, which is gorgeous, demonstrating how she put so much heart and soul into just a single cd package.

New Sufjan Stevens - Majesty Snowbird (Live)!

Fresh Sufjan Stevens music. Seems like Sufjan (funny how I keep mispronouncing it 'Surf-jan', though I know it's correctly 'Soof-yan') is trying to break out of his trademark sound, as this is a long-ass song (almost to the ten-minute mark), with a big orchestra. It sounds very grandeur and epic. I can say that I quite like it, and that means something since 'Chicago' is my only favorite song from him. Though this is recorded live, the quality's surprisingly high. My guess is that he's saving the studio version for his Christmas box set. There's a Youtube video out there but I'll post it later, as the site's experiencing some problems right now. Enjoy the song! Try to stay awake, like I said, ten-minute-long!

Sufjan Stevens - Majesty Snowbird (Live)

Eminem - You Don't Know (feat. 50 Cent, Ca$his & Lloyd Banks)

Supposedly, this is the new single off the new Eminem compilation album entitled 'Eminem Presents: The Re-Up'. The song's okay, I guess, not much of a headbanging club hit but no thinking-man materials either. Personally, I think that Eminem has sold out, this song's got the attitude that is 'See, I'm not retiring, I'm still making hot sh!t and still hot in the game' written all over it. I'm just never that big of a fan. I still do have respect for him as an artist though (hell, he mainstreamified Dido for the world). So no hate mails, okay?
Check it out.

Eminem - You Don't Know (feat. 50 Cent, Ca$his & Lloyd Banks)

Sunday, October 01, 2006

KT Tunstall's Covergraphy: The White Stripes, Beck, Radiohead & Missy Elliott

As I promised, here are 4 live covers from Miss Kate 'KT' Tunstall:

KT Tunstall - My Doorbell (The White Stripes Cover)
The best out of the 4. The vibe is similar to that of 'Black Horse & The Cherry Tree', which is a good thing. I can't help but think that this is how The White Stripes would sound like if Meg Ryan fronted the band instead.

KT Tunstall - The Golden Age (Beck Cover)
From her 'Acoustic Extravaganza' cd. It's alright, I guess, nothing jawdropping.

KT Tunstall - Fake Plastic Trees (Radiohead Cover)
She played the piano in this one. The result is kinda lukewarm, of course she cna't outdo the original. Pretty good effort, though. Live from BBC Radio 1's Live Lounge.

KT Tunstall - Get Your Freak On (Missy Elliott Cover)
Yeah, I rolled my eyes when I heard she did this for another Live Lounge show. The thought of KT covering Missy is quite funny. Maybe Missy may hear this and hook her up for a collaboration ('cause Missy really needs something fresh for a new album now). It's tongue-in-cheek, it's fun to listen to, KT's rap flow is not that bad. Love her.

I think it's safe to say that these are all she has covered that is made available. Enjoy the music. It's been a busy day, getting all prolific. Hope you guys like what I posted today. More of Picks Of The Week tomorrow.

Saturday Is For Soundtrack: Buffy The Vampire Slayer - Part 2

US cover.
International cover.

The last commercial soundtrack release out of three, this cd, release in 2003, consists songs that were featured mostly in season 6 of Buffy. The tracks are well-picked, with slices of various genres of music, and it really introduced me to some new indie artists. The US version has a much shorter tracklist than the international version, which managed to include the ultimate Buffy song 'Full Of Grace' by Sarah McLachlan instead of 'Prayer Of Saint Francis'. Here are 5 tracks that I pick for your listening pleasure:

The Dandy Warhols - Bohemian Like You: Fun straightforward rock song.
Nikka Costa - Everybody Got Their Something: Funky upbeat party starter. It was featured briefly in Buffy, when Willow turned on the radio and danced to it, then Giles told her to stop.
Angie Hart - Blue: Drenchingly melancholy song. It murmurs in your ears for two-thirds of the song and then burst into loud guitar riffs. I've never heard of this artist before, and though this remains the only song of her I've listened, I still really love it. The kind of song you want to lie down on the floor at midnight while listening, as that is how the song was played in the show, when Jonathan was killed by Warren.
Fonda - The Sun Keeps Shining: Amazing song. The intro's the equivalent of driving in your car on a sunny day and throwing your hand up in the air. So uplifting it cheers me up everytime.
Aimee Mann - Pavlov's Bell: Great psychedelic, melodic song, nice for a burdensome Monday morning.
Buy it here