Thursday, October 26, 2006

Amerie - New Track, New Mixtape!

Amerie's just unoffically released a mixtape out on the streets called 'Because I Love It Vol. 1' and it featured some raw, short tracks she's been recording in the studio. Some we have already heard, like the lead funky single 'Take Control' and 'That's What U R', and some are refreshingly new, including this one called 'Money Maker'. You see, it basically used the instrumental version of that song of Ludacris, and had Amerie chirp over it with a brand new tune. The result is quite surprisingly good. I'm quite sure this won't make it to her album due in March 2007, since it's just something fun for the underground, so go ahead and take a listen.

Amerie - Money Maker (Vocal Re-Edit)

Since this album is not available officially commercially, I think it's okay to give the link to evaluate the tracks (even Idolator has posted a link to that), so if you want to preview more, do so.
Download her Because I Love It Vol.1 Mixtape here

Get it fast before someone asked me to remove them.

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