Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Brilliant Music Video: Christina Aguilera - Hurt

I just watched it and felt the need to post it here. This hardly ever happened, but I'm gonna be honest and confess that I had to choke back after watching it. It's just really powerful and visually moving. I don't know why but I seem to get a tad over sentimental for music videos that tackle on the family issues (like Kelly Clarkson's 'Because Of You'). Christina's acting is a bit weak, but overall, it's really nice to see a video like this opening the minds of the TRL kids. She must be real brave to release a ballad like this as a single when all radio stations play today is urban music. This has to be one of the best music videos I've seen this year so far. Well done, Floria Sigismondi.

Download Christina Aguilera - Hurt Music Video (Mp4 Format in Zip File)

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