Thursday, October 05, 2006

For catching up...

Okay, I'm seriously head over heels these days. Schoolwork has been kinda hectic, there are piles of assignments to work on and everything. Mid-term tests for the next two weeks. So I can't spend much time updating from now on. I tend to be online more in the weekend, though. Here's what to expect from me in the future, just to get you all hyped up first:

  • Finally, Zeon's Mixtape Volume 2: Autumnally will be posted this weekend. 12 autumnally fantastic tracks. Be ready.
  • A covers week. An unexpected cover for each day of the week. All good stuff.
  • An indie insight marathon. New artist introduced every day.
  • A Christmas mixtape.
  • The 'Best Of '06' lists in December.
  • In the meantime, be sure to add me on MySpace! Muhahahahahaa! Let's hope I'm PopJustice's 5000th friend!
  • So far, I've received 5 promotional letters, and I'm actually interested in 2 of them. Let's keep this media machine rolling.
  • I gotta get back to Math now. Sigh...
  • Oh, and even more Lily Allen tomorrow, too!

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