Saturday, October 14, 2006

Heads Up, Urban Kids: New Stuff From Amerie, Mario, Jay Z, Jibbs & Lady Sovereign!

Amerie - Take Control
Wow. Didn't expect it. I mean, '1 Thing' is right there with 'Crazy In Love' as one of the brassiest, most bombastic r&b/hip-hop song ever of the 00s, mainly due to Rich Harrison's production skills. But then, it's the only hit she's got. Her album 'Touch' wasn't so good, but I did expect something similar from this supposedly new single from her new album 'Because I Love It'. Fact is, it's excellent! It's a gem in these days of r&b/hip-hop mediocrity. Groovy bass lines, funky '80s beats and a tuneless tune to go with. Just everything we need to get shaky. Produced by Cee-Lo of Gnarls Barkley and Amerie herself, you can hear him sing backup vocals in the song. Now I'm really loving it and looking forward to the third album of this Korean American songstress.
Mario - How Do I Breathe
Uhmmm...he's back. If you like 'Let Me Love You', you'll like this. Smooth vocals and melodies, all sweet and sugary. Just nothing new. Plain commercial Usher-type r&b. His new album is called 'Mario Barrett - Effortless'.
Jay Z - Show Me What You Got
Jay Z - Kingdom Come
We all know this day will come. Jay Z just won't give up easily. He keeps lurking behind collaborations and now officially returns with new album 'Kingdom Come'. Show Me What You Got is the new single. To be honest, the beats and the sample are quite good, but the rapping, I don't know. It's just not worthwhile, how we've been waiting so long and this is all he can give. Also inlcuded is a promo rip of the title track. Now let's pray that the Chris Martin collaboration be good.
Jibbs feat. Melody Thornton of The Pussycat Dolls - Go Too Far
This guy's one year younger than me and he's already got a top 10 rap debut hit? I must admit that even though I don't care much for the guy, 'Chains Hang Low' is actually very catchy and refreshing for its singsong, fun vibe, after all the thug hood stuff we've been flooding with. This song is no different, he's not even trying to be badass, as this is a quite lovely, tinkling r&b/hip-hop track with vocal 'talents' from Melofy Thornton of the PCD (you know, the girl who sings all the oohs). It's kinda cute. Gonna be a hit, I bet.
Lady Sovereign - Love Me Or Hate Me (F*** You)
Wow, what's with me and cheeky, bad-mouthed English girls? I didn't give a damn then when the hype started spreading around and then recently, I decided to check out this new song from her, and found out and that she's actually surprisingly good. This song's instantly catchy right from the get go with the poly-beats and the raspy, weird, funny rap flow of her. Have to say I'm impressed. And the Teris-themed music video is ultra cool also. Now since she's just got signed by Def Jam, big things are waiting for her! Better jump on the love train! She's like the Lily Allen of rap. Somebody'd better confirm that she's not a reinvented Melanie C, and everything's cool. New album 'Public Warning' will drop at the end of this year, I guess. Recommended.

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