Sunday, October 15, 2006

Indie 101: The Icicles

I think you've got the idea of how effing twee this band is.
Had it not been for a Moto KRZR cell phone commercial, I would have had no idea that this band exists.

So I was watching that colorful, kaleidoscopelicious tv spot above, and found the tune quite catchy. But it took me a few views more on tv before I decided to begin the Google quest to find out who sings this poppy song. Took me about 5 minutes.
At first, I thought it's a Liz Phair song, since the singer sounded pretty much like her, but actually, that tune is 'Sugar Sweet' by this small indie pop band called The Icicles from Michigan. They craft this kind of twee, upbeat, dreamy, catchy '60s-style pop with sweet harmonies and all. Think of The Pipettes, but less nostalgic.
Sugar Sweet, the song from their second album 'A Hundred Patterns' released in 2005, is the kind of song that sounds exactly like how you feel when you're crazy in love, the indie pop way. It's short, repetitive and 'sugar sweet' (mind the brainless pun), and every time I turn this on, I just feel the urge to go out on the streets and make a fool of myself by jumping and spinning on the lamp post and swirling around...okay...I'd never do that.
So if what I just described above is totally music to your ears, go grab the song and the other one called 'Snowman', the only two songs available online for free from the band's official site. I'd love to hear more of these sunshine goodies, though!

The Icicles - Sugar Sweet
The Icicles - Snowman

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