Sunday, October 15, 2006

Indie 101: Smoosh

It's official. I can't get enough of these two girls.
"Smoosh is an American indie pop duo, consisting of two sisters, singer/keyboardist Asya (born February 2, 1992) and drummer Chloe (born March 5, 1994). At the time of their first album, She Like Electric, released on September 21, 2004, Asya was 12 years old and Chloe was 10. All of their songs are originals and the lyrics are written by the girls themselves. They live in Seattle, Washington with their father, Mike, a medical researcher, their mother, Maria, a pediatrician of Swedish descent, their two younger sisters, Maia (born 1997; she did the artwork for the covers of She Like Electric and free to stay) and Scout, and two pets."
Now age ain't nothing but a number. If you can get past the fact that they're as young as your daughter or your little sister, you will be willing to know that their music is way better than they should be. They're no gimmicks, and they don't make children's music either. In an awkward way, you can label them 'indie teen pop'. But their music really is just plain fun, straightforward, childish, sweet, inoffensive music that's super catchy for the ears when managing to not fall into the Radio Disney area. Chloe was classically trained by the drummer of Death Cab For Cutie. And their sophomore album 'Free To Stay' was released in July by Barsuk Records, the old label of Death Cab For Cutie. How's that for credibility?
If you want to know what I'm talking about, go check out 'Find A Way', their current single. It's hard to not get this sunshine tune stuck in your head. I would rarely say this, but I think the pop people may as well enjoy them too. They're raw talents, so let's hope the Disney/Nickelodeon people won't come and spoil them with a tv movie deal, then I can sit back, enjoy their music and think of what they can become when they grow older.

Smoosh - Find A Way
Smoosh - Rock Song

Here's their cute music video for 'Find A Way'.

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