Monday, October 23, 2006

Liz Phair, Oh Where Are You Now?

It always comes to a debate when you mentioned Liz Phair. So yes, she did sell out big time, she left behind her indie fan base to chase after a more commercial, overglossed, generic, pop-orientated rock-chick sound with her self-titled fourth album back in 2003. That pissed lots of her fans off, but not me. Actually, I had to thank her because I would have never known her if it had not been for the two poptastic, The-Matrix-produced singles 'Why Can't I' and 'Extraordinary'. Seriously, those two songs are highly addictive, quality pop. So I was eager to check out her follow-up album, 'Somebody's Miracle'. It turned out so dull and mediocre. Even the lead single's boring. She just got kinda half-hearted in this album, trying to both win back old fans with the indie, folk-tinged songs and the pop-rock sound she pursued in Liz Phair. And she did a special guest performance on 'Charmed' to promote. And now, she just disappeared. Her disasterous album tanked horribly, selling only more than 100,000 copies, and there's no second single. I doubt that Capitol might have dropped her, too. However, if I didn't listen to this album, I wouldn't find out these two gems that stand out from the first listen. Two well-crafted upbeat pure pop songs that's so easy on the ears, and sound perfect for a Sunday bike ride. Highly recommended for pop lovers, if you haven't listened to them. Now Liz, get back in the studio and put out a innovative indie album to redeem your sinful self.

Liz Phair - Count On My Love
Liz Phair - Giving It All To You

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