Monday, October 23, 2006

New Pop Single & Music Video: Stacie Orrico - So Simple

I just post this because I haven't seen it posted anywhere on other blogs, so I just have to. This YouTube version was uploaded by the director himself, so quality's quite smooth. Simple concept: She's 'stripping to the core' (that means she's taking off her diamond ring, belt and coat, sorry, pervs) and breaking off the four walls to zip-a-dee-doo-dah on a wheatfield drenched in sunshine. So simple! 'Much less is more more more!'. Whatever...

Now if you can get pass the idea that this is Christian pop for Christian pop's sake, in that she's trying to teach you moral things through lyrics, you can see that this is a quite decent pop song, laidback and candy sweet to the ears. Such a shame this sure won't get played much in her home country, except Radio Disney and maybe a little TRL.
This song makes me reconsider if I should bother checking out 'Beautiful Awakening' (See, the title! That's what turned me off in the first place!)

Evaluate the song: Stacie Orrico - So Simple (Album Version)

Also acknowledge that new videos of Fergie, Lily Allen, Jamelia have surfaced on Youtube. I won't post them, but I think you know the places to watch...

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