Sunday, October 01, 2006

Nelly Furtado - No Hay Igual (Remix feat. Calle 13)

Here's the single version that you heard in the music video, with a new rap verse by some Spanish rap crew called Calle 13.

Nelly Furtado - No Hay Igual (Remix feat. Calle 13)
With that, I chip in the instrumental version of the song, so that you can 'groove' to the beats.
Nelly Furtado - No Hay Igual (Instrumental Version)

I'm currently testing this new upload host called Upload Hut, which I uploaded the instrumental version with. It's good in that the speed's fast and hotlinking is allowed (so you don't have to open a new window), but the only drawback is that it automatically rename the file from artist/title to random numbers. If you don't mind that, I'd stick with it, but for now, I'll be zshare all along.

*Off topic: Miss World is on rerun in local TV right now. I'm not watching, because I'm updating my blog (see how dedicated I am, see?). My parents are tolerating Westlife's performance (who knows, maybe they're actually enjoying it, which is a bit scary!). My country's contestant is in the semi-finals, but her costume is so ugly.

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