Wednesday, October 11, 2006

No, not again!


"These files are so popular that the MediaMax account owner has run out of downloads in the account. Please ask the account owner to upgrade the account to add more downloads."

Why wouldn't you warn me about that when I first registered at your f***ing site, you f***ing moronic, bloodthirsty son of a b1+ch online storage? Why would I want to pay for for your service?

Just when I attempted to break in Hype Machine's bloglist again.

This is no good. No good at all.

I just want to stop censoring my foul language and let it all out, but I can't since I'm such a kindhearted person.


Now that feels better. Sorry, pretend like you didn't read it.
I'm so leaving this f***ed-up thing called MediaSh1ttyMax, FileLodge is so good but why the hell every time I try to upload something there, it stops midway and show me that 'The Page can't be displayed'. UploadHut is annoying because they numberize the file names.

Until now, the mp3s that were hosted by MediaMax are all DEAD. Like, deadly DEAD. And I'm terribly sorry for that. Why couldn't I find a decent, hotlinking-allowed host site? Why? All I want is convenience for readers (and so my mp3s can be viewed if this blog ever joined Hype Machine, which would provide good publicity...)

Any suggestions about host sites?

Anyway, you can still download the mixtape as a zipped file because that one I uploaded on sendspace, if you really care. I'm a little sad nobody but one gave comments for all the hard work, maybe you guys are just not into that genre at all?

Now that's the problem with my music taste. I'm not poppy enough to like Pet Shop Boys, but I'm not indie enough to like TV On The Radio either.

Enough ranting and swearing. I call it a day. More posts coming at the weekend, since I only have spare time then.

Sorry, once again.

Such horseshlt.

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