Sunday, October 08, 2006

Saturday Is For Soundtrack: Buffy The Vampire Slayer - Part 3: Once More, With Feeling

One of the best Buffy episodes ever. I had this on my iPod, and I still watch it every now and then. Joss Whedon wrote all of the songs by himself, the cast had such a short time rehearsing but their vocals were on point and while some of them may not have a potential music career, they still sounded quite listenable. I know saying all of this makes me look like a geeky fan, but hey, when it comes to Buffy, I'm not holding back. I would sing these songs whenever I feel like doing. The whole soundtrack for this musical episode is great, so I find it hard to choose just 5 songs. Thanks to YouTube for providing the clips to go with my comments. Now, let's the nostalgia juices flow!

Overture/ Going Through The Motions
Every single night the same arrangement...Opening song that starts with Buffy patrolling in the cemetary, a typical slayer night. Sarah Michelle Gellar sounds great with her singing, she's just got this innocent, cute ring to her voice. Fun song, reflective lyrics.

I've Got A Theory/ Bunnies/ If we're Together
The Scooby gang's in the Magic Box trying to figure out who's this devilish demon that put a spell on everyone and made them burst their secret feelings into songs. An ensemble number, everybody's got their turn to sing. Anya (Emma Caufield) had a hilarious rock solo. Then the cast joined in harmony. What can't we face if we're together? Except for bunnies...

Under Your Spell
Tara (Amber Benson)'s solo, my favorite. The song's very melodic and sweet. It can be fitted as a song in any Disney's throwaway straight-to-dvd princess sequel, sung by an unknown Radio Disney tween pop star, but instead it's the most beautiful song of the episode. Amber's got unbelievable range, and she's the most likely to succeed if she ever considered singing as a career. She's now an author, writing Victorian ghost stories. "You made me complete..."

Walk Through The Fire
So i will walk through the fire...'Cause where else can I turn?...A climactic song, when Buffy was about to go save Dawn from Sweet the singing demon. Another great ensemble number. Why wouldn't Joss be a pop songwriter?

Something To Sing About
Life's a song you don't get to rehearse...The best song of the bunch. Has 2 tempos in one. Buffy sang her heart out, then danced like crazy to the drums and guitars. It's Spike that saved her from getting herself burn by confirming: 'Life's not a song. Life isn't bliss, life is just this, it's living'. Great lyrics. Great melodies. Awesome choreography. Top-notch.

Sacrifice (Score from 'The Gift')
This wasn't planned at all, as I don't normally post score. But then I remember how it was played at the heartbreaking season 5 finale, and I decided to include it. 'The Gift' was how Buffy should have properly ended, but then there would be no 'Once More With Feeling'. Relive the moment again by watching the clip below. This score's also great to sleep to, anyway.

Love what you hear? Then go buy the effing cd.
Update: Buffy Season 8 will premiere on comics in spring 2007, published by Dark Horse comics, and Joss Whedon will write the first part of the series! Here's a pic of the cover, for a teaser:

In related 'Where are they now' news, Mercedes McNab ('Harmony' in Buffy/Angel) just posed nude for the Playboy November 2006 issue, marking her as the second Buffy alumni to strip off for money, desperately (Charisma 'Cordelia' Carpenter was the first). Now maybe I might not have seen the spread, but some tell me that she looked quite hot...[rolling eyes]

...I just watched the first 5 minutes of the LOST season 3 premiere on my iPod, and already got chills down my spines. Brilliant show! Lost will be next after the conclusion of this Buffy soundtrack focus.

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