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Saturday Is For Soundtrack: Buffy The Vampire Slayer: Part 4: Theme Songs

Sorry for the long delay for this conclusion part focusing on the soundtrack of Buffy The Vampire Slayer. This was in the draft for quite a long time, for this required some insightful pictures and videos searching. It's good to finally publish it. As you can see above, that's Buffy looking back at Sunnydale in the series finale 'Chosen', when she's not the only vampire slayer on Earth no more.

The opening theme. It's amazing how it has no lyrics, just some good old kicking guitar riffs with thumping drumbeats, and still it managed to get stuck in your head for seven straight years of the show on air. If you're feeling nostalgic, hear it again. I offer both the original version played by Nerf Herder and the cool sorta remake played the Breeders for the Radio Sunnydale cd.

Nerf Herder - Buffy The Vampire Slayer Opening Theme
The Breeders - Buffy The Vampire Slayer Opening Theme

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You can even check out the last few minutes of the final episode, thanks to the wonder that is Youtube.

Now, let's move on to the spin-off, Angel, lasting for 5 seasons. Overall, Angel is almost as equally great as Buffy, but then things started to go downhill since season 4 with some f**ked-up twists (like when Cordy slept with Angel's son Connor and got pregnant, and the whole worshipping-that-black-lady-whose-name-I-forgot after that). Season 5 saw a decrease in standard quality, but it managed to end with a bang, though it was canceled abruptly so the ending was cliffhanging. Below is a picture of Angel's last battle ever...

The now-defunct WB, however, did release a score cd, featuring an extended mix of the opening theme by Darling Violetta. It sounds very mystically sweet and epic! A must-have for Angel fans, if you haven't heard it.

Darling Violetta - Angel Theme (Extended Mix)

Also included in the cd is a song featured in the episode when Fred's soul was terminated and Illyria was reborn into her body. Sad, sad country pop song, with quite touching lyrics, and what's good is that it's slow and moody, but not cheesy at all. Great choice for that moment.

Kim Richey - A Place Called Home
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Below are two more clips, one is a promo for Angel's series finale 'Not Fade Away', and one is a thank-you clip from The WB to the fans.

Although Tru Calling has nothing to do with the Buffyverse, it featured the acting talents of the bedazzling Eliza Dushku (aka 'Faith' in Buffy, so I just felt the need to type some more about this short-lived show.

Just concentrate on her face on that pic, the armpit area looks rather unpleasant.

So basically, in the show, Eliza played a female protagonist named Tru Davies (cool name) who works in a morgue and has the ability to hear the calling of dead corpses and rewind the day before, and her mission is to find the victim, and try her best to alter their fate, so that they're still alive the day after. There are times she succeeds, there are times she doesn't. Season 1 ends with the death of her boyfriend because of her meddling with time. Just when 6 episodes of season 2 were ordered and in post-production, Fox canceled the show. Later, the unaired episode made it to dvd. Since I watched those, it's a pity that the show didn't have the chance to continue just as the show started to evolve into what could be more interesting, with an arch-nemesis (played by Jason Priestley) whose job is to keep her from alternating reality.

So overall, it's a decent show, good enough to keep me watching every week, but it faded too soon, in my opinion.

Here's the theme song, 'Somebody Help Me' by Full Blown Rose, a Evanescence-esque band who got the same marketing tricks like them (having a song in the soundtrack of Elektra, but the film flopped, so they never really made it to the spotlight). It's a catchy, dark, gothic rock song, recommended for Evanescence fans.

Full Blown Rose - Somebody Help Me (Tru Calling Theme Song)

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Here's the opening sequence for the show, just so you can see Eliza running around in tight tops.

*Off-topic: I just want to take a moment to mention that the site was feature on VH1's Best Week Ever blog twice in a week, and it also reached its highest peak ever, thanks to the Pipettes. I owe them so much.

I just add this thing called 'Lyrical Brilliance' on the sidebar where I extract those little great, inspiring sparks in song lyrics once in a while, to reflect a state of mind I'm in then. Or just another excuse for me to post cryptic nonsense. Have fun guessing which song I snippeted.

The Halloween mix will surface on Dec 31 instead, since my host Filexoom's experiencing some problems.

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