Wednesday, October 25, 2006

This is the most disgusting news of the day...

Warning: Picture below is a bit NSFW.

What a slvt. This is Marion Raven's (that Norwegian chick of that sh1tty duo M2M) cover for her new EP released in the US called 'Heads Will Roll'. So yes, my head did roll, but with disgust. Right now, her most downloaded song in iTunes is entitled 'Good 4 Sex'. And all her songs are labeled 'explicit'. So her music is now all raw and sexy rock, not bubblegum pop rock like those cheesily catchy singles she released a while back? This is one of the most grotesque marketing moves for a pop act I've ever seen. 'This girl wants to break in America with a big bang. What should we do? Oh, let's make her sing a bunch of f**king rocky songs, make her act like a slvtty underage hooker, shoot a video with her lying stark naked on top of other stark naked, breast-exposed women, take a capture of the vid for the cd cover and voila, we watch pervy teenagers rushing out to purchase it?
Forget it, I will not buy this kind of fvcked-up manufactured, ill-minded image marketing, and please spare me if you want to declare this a brilliant pop/ rock record. Because frankly, even if it is, I don't fvcking care. Suddenly, I find newfound respect for the other one-half of M2M, for I know her solo album doesn't follow this sick way of promotion and some have even said it's a good pop record. I won't even care for that, either, but at least she's not doing this.

What a wh0re.

Come to think of it, I won't even post the pic to cheapen my blog and help her get more media exposure. So click here to see it if you care.

Sorry for the offensive disses but I just really felt speaking my mind about what's wrong with the pop music industry today. This just really pissed me off.

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