Sunday, October 15, 2006

When JoJo Covers Foo Fighters...

I may sound a little biased against JoJo, but frankly, I'm just not a fan. She has one or two good pop hits, but I just don't dig her much. Maybe she's too TRL-ish for me. Maybe it's the stage name.(come on, JoJo? Like 'JoJo' in 'Mojo Jojo' or 'JoJo & The Circus'?)
But I totally respect her as a vocalist. She can knock out any pop pretenders her age any day in the vocal department. And how many teenage pop stars would choose Foo Fighters to cover at first thought? It could be a smart, calculative move, but nah, I'll give her props for this cover. A moment sitting down in the Radio 1 Live Lounge and just singing the words with a guitar backing up. It reminds you of how she can really sing her ass off. She turned the song into Disney-soundtrack-ready. Nice job, young lady.

JoJo - Times Like These (Foo Fighters Cover)

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