Sunday, October 08, 2006

When Pop Stars Are Out Of Their Elements: Pink Collaborates With Indigo Girls, Lindsay Lohan Goes Country

Indigo Girls feat. Pink - Rock And Rock Heaven's Gate
Pink teamed up with the Indigo Girls on their latest album 'Despite Our Differences'. On this song. She provided her vocals to the chorus, and she really fitted well in this kind of in-your-face, adult contemporary rock n' roll sound. It's a decent song, but it's something that only forty-somethings, who has witnessed the Lilith fair era, would enjoy. Anyway, come to think of it, Pink and lesbian activists and politics, she's really not that out of her elements, right?

Lindsay Lohan - Frankie & Johnny
She did this song for the soundtrack of an arthouse movie called 'Prairie Home Companion', in which she had a small role. I doubt if any reader of this blog is even interested in seeing the movie. Because I'm not. So this time she kinda goes redneck and sings a country song. Her performance is shaky and not really notable, just a fun karaoke take, but she's somewhat adorable singing it. (And when was the last time you think Lindsay's adorable? For me, it was 'The Parent's Trap'!)

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