Sunday, October 08, 2006

Zeon's Mixtape Vol. 2: AUTUMNALLY

After a full day of tiresome uploading and artwork making, the seoond installment of the Zeon's Mixtape finally surfaced. Here is a collection of 12 outstanding tracks, old and new, handpicked by me for an essential fall listen. While most of the songs really don't have anything to do with the fall theme, their vibes and sounds just remind me of this time of the year, when dead maple leaves scatter on the ground and when I often myself wandering to nowhere with blurry thoughts in my head. My purpose is just to present the tracks I love, not to introduce any new bands or anything, so you may probably hear some of the tracks already. Because I'm so dedicated to this project, I attached both the self-designed front and back cover here, so if you want to burn it into a cd, you've got these lovely covers to print out, and if you're an iPod worshipper like me, I also already attached the cover to the mp3 files. So have fun downloading and checking out great music, and don't forget to give feedbacks!
You can either choose to download track-by-track, if you don't believe my words that every song here is equally great, or you can download the whole bunch as a zipped RAR file (in case you don't have the free program to unzip, go to

Let's reveal the tracklist, shall we?

01 Bic Runga - Get Some Sleep
A cheerful, uplifting track to start the compilation as the rest is quite sombre. This is one of the best tracks Bic Runga has ever done, something about the song just puts an instant smile on my face everytime I play it. Perfect choice for a night walk about downtown when you find it hard to sleep. Fun to sing along, too. I know the first track always gets the most exposure, and she deserved that. Yeah, the order's all calculated.
02 KT Tunstall - Under The Weather (Single Version)Not necessarily better than the album version, but this more upbeat, radio-friendly one is a great one to listen to on a Sunday morning, while sipping tea or hot chocolate.
03 The Cardigans - You're The Storm
A sombre, melancholy track with a soaring chorus. Nina's vocals and the slick production values are what makes the song so special. The Cardigans never let down.
04 Aqualung - Easier To Lie
Sweet, heartwarming, melodic indie pop. Nice to listen to when you're on a walk through the forest in fall.
05 The Vines - Winning Days
The best song of The Vines, in my opinion. It's funny because they do much better in this Beatles-esque sound than in their regular garage-rock one. It's beautiful, tuneful alternative music, and quite instantly accessible. I know it's a great song right from the verse.
06 Bic Runga - Listening For The Weather
The second Bic Runga song to make it here on the mixtape. Just love her! Whereas 'Get Some Sleep' is perfect for a night walk, this is definitely for a afternoon walk. The song's really breezy and feel-good. And there's harmonica.
07 Lene Marlin - You Weren't There
Probably the only slice of pop here from Norwegian singer/songwriter Lene Marlin. The song's the equivalence of a slightly cold breeze blowing to your face, and while the melody can be a bit fleeting, it's a mature, well-crafted pop song, and Lene possess such a soft, whispery that totally fits the tunes.
08 Sarah McLachlan - Sweet Surrender
Wow, this song is just a classic, have to include in no matter what. It's so bittersweet and emotion-driven that sometimes, when I hear this, I almost choke up, especially at the refrain. Everything here's so melancholy from the ethereal vocals to the mysterious, poetic lyrics. The ultimate nightdrive song.
09 The Mountain Goats - Get Lonely
The title track off their new album. Lush acoustic arrangements, John Darnielle's introspective, hauntingly detailed lyrics. A very sad post-break-up song, and thanks for that. The ideal moment for the song: A Monday morning you have to wake up for work, and for some reasons you just keep sitting still on your bed, watching the dead leaves fall from inside.
10 Death Cab For Cutie - I Will Follow You Into The Dark
Simple, yet so achingly warm. Just Ben Gibbard and his guitar. Lyrics is so sincere and a little dark. It's like a musical hug. Also a great sit-at-your-bed-and-listen song, only that it's more appropriate for insomniacs, and it'd be great if you have the crickets outside the garden as your company. Go mope your sorrows!
11 Jim Noir - Turbulent Weather
If you want to check out a track that you never heard before in the tracklist, this should be the one. Dreamy, relaxing, soothing indie pop. It's the one track I will turn on when it rains outside. Should I mention that it ends with sounds of raindrops and thunder? One of my fave new artists of the year, he is.
12 Sia - Breathe Me
The climax of the whole mixtape. Seriously, if you still haven't heard this song, do so now, because you are missing great music! Sia's vocals sound so vulnerable and fragile, and the awesome, atmospheric instrumental solo toward the end can cause you a severe mental breakdown, which is indeed good. Try listening to this when you're driving down the road late at night, passing the trees, passing the tunnels...If you've been having a bad day, you might find tears rolling down your face. Really. Depressing, yet so powerful. Ending the whole cd at a high note.

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I'm done. If you guys like this one, there will probably be a Vol. 3 around Christmas. Enjoy! And don't forget to drop a comment or two. Feedback is appreciated here.

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