Tuesday, November 07, 2006

The Cardigans - KCRW Acoustic Sessions 2004

It was Stereogum's post on their his experience seeing The Cardigans live that inspired me to browse my music archives and upload this treasure trove for you.
Back in 2004, The Cardigans were in the US promoting their current album at the time, 'Long Gone Before Daylight'. So they came to KCRW studio and did this amazing acoustic live sessions, performing the singles from LGBD (with the exception of 'Communication') and also two others from 'Gran Turismo'. It was incredible. Nina's vocals were on point and sounded so cozy, moody and heartbrokenly melancholy. The acoustic arrangements were lush and impressive, taking the songs in different angles from the album versions. Every song they did is still worth checking out. So if you're a sucker for The Cardigans or the adorable indie sweetheart Nina Persson like me, wait no more and download them all. Trust me, it's worth your time.

01 And Then You Kissed Me.mp3
02 Erase/Rewind
03 You're The Storm
04 For What It's Worth
05 Communication
06 My Favourite Game

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