Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Christmas Early In November...With Sarah McLachlan

Is it wrong for a 17-year-old to actually enjoy Sarah McLachlan's back catalogue?
I've been questioning that for my music credibility for a while...
Somehow, I manage to proclaim my love for her unashamedly, without labelling her as a 'deeply guilty pleasure'. I'm just creepy that way...

Anyway, her seasonal album 'Wintersong' is a must-buy for this 'Xmas, which is just a month away. Though it gives nothing new, considering it's another Pierre Merchand production, it's a nice collection of ethereal, luminous holiday songs sung by her very lungs. Buy it for your mom, your grandpa, your weird friends or a lesbian relative you know.

Here's the music video for the lead single 'River', which is a stunning cover of the Joni Mitchell classic. I never really care for the orignal and Joni, but Sarah's rendition is just so Sarahesquely beautiful! The video's really lame, but watch if you're keen on seeing how she looks these days (still gorgeous, in my opinion).

And here's the mp3 for sampling purpose. Go on. Get weepy. Look out for the smart inclusion of 'Jingle Bells' on the piano towards the end.
Sarah McLachlan - River

Makes me feel so jolly inside, even though I'm religion-free.

Buy Wintersong

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