Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Faithless Collaborates With Dido and Cat Power

Socially conscious house music? Does that click for you? Not me, though. I've never been really interested in their music, and the closest they've come to a hit for me is their collaboration with Dido on 'One Step Too Far'.

So it provoked my interest when knowing that Dido teamed up with them again for a track on their new album 'To All New Arrivals'. It's called 'Last This Day'.

Faithless feat. Dido - Last This Day
Basically, it's one of those ambient, five-minute, late night kinds of song that don't have much of a tune and are supposed to lull you to sleep. So it's okay if you already snore soundly before the song finishes. It's not breaking any new grounds, but Dido's vocal input lays a nice touch to the track. In the end, the result is something electronica fans won't love heartily, but really won't mind when it's on.

What else is worth a listen on this record? Well, Robert Smith also lends his voice to one track. Yeah, I think it's Robert the frontman of The Cure. And somehow they managed to get Cat Power. Cat Power, of all people.

Faithless feat. Cat Power - A Kind Of Peace
Like Dido, it's a pity Chan Marshall wasn't given much to sing. Another downtempo, ambient track with touches of acoustic guitar. Lukewarm. I expected so much more.

While we're at it, here's their current single 'Bombs'. It involved some bold political statement, and it's quite bland.
Faithless - Bombs (Radio Edit)

So based on the three tracks above, I think I did the right thing by passing this one. Of course, that's just my humble opinion, and you may have a different view on the songs. So if you like what you hear, waste no time and head over here to purchase the record.

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