Sunday, November 19, 2006

Indietastic #1: Albert Hammond, Jr. - 101

In the seas of indie music out there, it's hard to follow through all the new artists and songs hyped up each day and find the one you truly like. So when you find one, you stick with it and treasure it, you might try to tell everyone you know about it or include it in every single one of your playlists.
That's how this new feature was born. To honor the great great indie songs I discovered and gave them proper ravings, because they deserved their own posts. Since this week's indie-heavy themed, I'll be spreading out a bunch of songs I love lately throughout the whole week, and of course, they are all highly recommended, so stick around and make sure to try them out, and maybe give a feedback or two. Let's get rollin'!

Albert Hammond, Jr. is the guitarist of The Strokes. Recently, he released his debut solo album entitled 'Yours To Keep' through Rough Trade Records. The week it came out, I didn't really bother giving it a chance. Then all by chance I watched the video for the single '101' and got hooked. I didn't expect it to be so instantly accesible for the first listen.
This song's full of inexplicably crunchy, melodic riffs that I can't seem to get out of my head and the more I listen, the more I crave for. And there's also a decent tune, to hum along. However, with the midtempo and the somehow sombre lyrics ('I lost my life, that's what she said, back to the 101..."), it's not supposed to cheer you up. Not really miles different from his Strokes stuff, but it's just so damn ace for the riffs alone. A walk in the streets with this song playing to your ears would be a appropriate listen moment.

Albert Hammond, Jr. - 101

Buy his album 'Yours To Keep'
Nice cover art.

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