Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Indietastic #2: Tilly & The Walls - Sing Songs Along

I'm glad I gave this song a chance. Well, I would give any songs a chance if it's so tweely-titled like 'Sing Songs Along'. The good news is the title pretty much sums up the whole feel of the track, which means you can totally joyfully sing along to it.
The energy of the song's just incredible from start to finish. You know a loud shout to start a song only indicates that it's gonna be effing fierce. The thumping beats are actually made from handclaps and tap shoes. The tunes are so driven it's meant to get stuck in your head after first listen and just kinda spin you around in this whole jolly singsong group thing. Very, very twee, yet so catchy and bouncy.
And the music video. Gymnastically fantastic. Never thought gymnasts can be that much fun.
Damnit, the song starts running through my head again. Everytime I hear it, I find it so hard to resist jumping around and throw things against the wall. It's that good.

Tilly & The Walls - Sing Songs Along

FYI, Tilly & The Wall is an indie pop bang from Nebraska and this song's from their new second album 'Bottoms Of Barrels', which is also pretty good.
You can purchase it here.

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