Thursday, November 09, 2006

Keane Gets Dirrtylicious...

Oh Keane. Such an unfortunate case. After an astonishing debut, I thought you would do magic with your sophomore album. However, it didn't live up to my expectations, scoring a mere 3.5/5 stars in my rating list, and it hurt to face reality and accept the fact that I just didn't dig your music as much as I used to. And then, you Tom Chaplin went to rehab. And you released a USB single that no one seems to care about.
Now that Tom's out of rehab, he's trying damn hard to crawl back to the spotlight, reminding people that he's not dead yet, and what's a better way than doing a tongue-in-cheek cover for Jo Whiley's Radio 1 Live Lounge? It's like saying: 'Hey, I'm back, free from alcohol and drugs and all! And I am also happy and playful now! By the way, we're having a new single out! Please drag your ass outdoor and buy it, please?'
I know this cover's got pretty much covered on other blogs last week, but for being such a cover addict, I can't resist posting it here again.
Basically, it's a mash-up/cover of Christina Aguilera's 'Dirrty' & Destiny's Child 'Bootylicious'. And it's worth listening because it simply is. Won't you want to hear Tom sing the 'I don't think you're ready for this jelly' line? At least for once he sounds like having fun and not moping like a miserable old chap. And the song's got a message, too, you know, female empowerment and all...

Now take it slow and put out a kickass album in three years. If not, I'm not gonna be so keen on Keane anymore (yeah, lame pun).

Keane - Dirrtylicious (Destinys Child - Christina Aguilera Cover)

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