Saturday, November 18, 2006

Late To The Scene: Ivy

This new feature is dedicated to bands/ artists that have been making music since the early days when I didn't even know what 'indie' meant, and when you still thought the hype machine was something you could buy at a supermarket. Okay, just bands whose prime time is back when I don't notice them, but I finally joined the bandwagon and loving them. The first band I want to blog about is IVY.

Ivy is a New York City band comprised of a trio of musicians, Adam Schlesinger, Dominique Durand and Andy Chase. They were formed back in 1994.
Here are a few essential fact you should know about them:

  • They specialize in making upbeat dream pop with jangly guitars and lush strings arrangements, backed with jazzy horns. The kind of shoegazing music that makes you sit at the sofa and tap your feet.

  • They really have a knack for writing sweet, irresistably catchy tunes.

  • Lead singer has a French accent, and a damn dreamy, floating voice. Kinda reminds me of the lead vocalist of Saint Etienne.

  • There are a lot of 'sha-la-las', 'doo-doos', and 'da-da-das' in their hooks, which can always be a good thing.

  • Their probably best-known song is 'Edge Of The Ocean', a chill-out continental-cafe ear candy, which was featured in the soundtrack of Grey's Anatomy. Their song 'Worry About You' is also the opening theme for the show Kingdom Hospital.

  • Did I mention they make damn fine pop?

So in case you never heard of this awesome band, have an experience with some of their finest tunes below. All is highly recommended.

Ivy - Edge Of The Ocean (from 'Long Distance', 2001)
Ivy - Lucy Doesn't Love You (from 'Long Distance', 2001)
Ivy - Tess Don't Tell (from 'In The Clear', 2005)
Ivy - Digging Your Scene (from 'Guestroom', 2002)

Buy their latest cd 'In The Clear'

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