Saturday, November 18, 2006

Lazy Saturdays...

It's not that I have nothing to post. I have tons. Really, tons. But these days, there is just so much going on some time I have no idea what I'm supposed to be doing.
There are at least 20 cds I still haven't listened yet. And I was picky.
Movies I haven't watched.
Shows I wasn't able to catch up.
University enrollments/ scholarship search and etc.
I hardly sleep enough.
I just wish I could be a bear and go hide away in some cave sleeping through the whole winter and wake up fresh in spring.
I'm just a mess lately.
The next two days I have more spare time on my hands. Let's see what I can do to get this blog back in shape.

For now, I'm giving serious consideration about going on hiatus in 2007 until things get easier to breathe or I might need somebody to help with things over here, although I do prefer mine as a one-man blog.

Sorry for the moping.

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