Friday, November 10, 2006

Music Video: Sufjan Stevens - Put The Lights On The Tree

Believe it or not, indie hipsters also celebrate Christmas. And this year, their most-anticipated Christmas album comes from no other than the indie folk mogul himself, Sufjan Stevens!
'Songs For Christmas' is a 5-disc boxset loaded with 5 EPs (5!) of Christmas traditionals and originals. All is enclosed in a box along with essays, a short story, song chords & lyrics, photos, a family portrait, and wishes for a Happy Christmas. All for $21.99. I think it's a quite good deal.
Now the quantity of tracks should knock out any other festive releases this year, and also means lots of royalties for re-releases to keep his an-album-for-each-state project going strong. The quality I expect to be quite good, too, based on the first single 'Put The Lights On The Tree', whose music video you can watch here. It's animated with bubble speeches, and it's just darn cute and adorable.

This song is a nice, childlike, sweet seasonal ditty, which is just in Sufajn's standards. Though I'm not exactly a big fan of his works, I'll still be looking forward for this!

Pre-order 'Songs For Christmas' for yourself, or as a gift, and prove to your mom how hip you are

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