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Saturday Is For Soundtrack: LOST

It's nice to see the cast all smiling together, wearing all bright colorful t-shirts for the photoshoot. Of course they are, since it's unlikely they'll be wearing those for the show...

Statement made: I'm obsessed with LOST. It's the best show on TV right now, and probably the best of this decade. My time for tv is very restricted these days, and there are only 4 shows that I choose to allow myself to catch up weekly, which is Lost, the first one came to mind, along with The Simpsons, Family Guy & Desperate Housewives.

Never have I've watched such a brilliant tv series that has a good combination of drama, suspense, mystery, thriller, excellent, well-rounded cast, thought-provoking, brainteasing plot, psychological metaphors, great dialogue, breathtaking locations, chicks. Evangeline Lily's not the only reason I watch the show, you know. There are always so much going on in one episode, the intriguing flashbacks, the little clues given here and there that keeps you guessing, drawing up theories and anticipating for the next episode. This show's drving everybody crazy, and still you can't help but glueing your eyes on the screen everytime it comes on the screen.

Still going strong in its season 3, a lot of the mysteries start unveiling (though not quickly enough), and here are a 'few' things we'll learn so far after 5 episodes.
[spoiler warning], skip this part if you haven't watched them yet

Jack, Sawyer and Kate were captured by the others, and Ben (the prisoner in the hatch back in season 2) is the leader. They're much more civilized and modern than we thought they'd be.
Elizabeth Michell, playing the role of 'Juliet', has these icy, mystically beautiful glares. There seems to be a chemistry between her and Jack.
Kate finally proclaimed her love for Sawyer. And we finally saw her bare back.
Sun did have an affair while she was still in Korea. Her baby might not be Jin's. And she unintentionally killed one of the others.
Desmond is still alive and kicking, and he seems to have a way with premonitions.
Ekko, otherwise, is dead.
Apparently, the main reason Jack was brought there is because Ben have a tumor on his spine, and needs help from him. However, Juliet's at odds with him, and she secretly told Jack through a video tape she made (in a very clever way, emulating Bob Dylan's Subterranean Homesick Blues ) that she needs him to help the surgery look like an 'accident', for some of them want a change. The matter is who will Jack choose to believe? Who is lying and who is telling the truth? This is the turning point so far.
Those buzzing black clouds can kill.
Juliet's really hot.
I wonder if she is the same woman shown waken up by the phone at the very last minute of season 2 finale?

I think that's all.

Take it to the music. I think the ghostly scores composed by Michael Giacchino plays a big part in the atmosphere of the show. Lost's got the ability to send chills down my spines every single time I watch it, without any gruesome, disturbing horror or scary stuff. There are countless time I find myself with mouth wide open, awestricken by the surprising turns of events. That happened like, 10 minutes ago, after I just finished episode 5.

Despite having very few songs featured in the soundtrack (since Lost's not the kind of show that can help promote new artists or The Fray, or Snow Patrol by playing their songs in episodes), but when they do, they choose the good ones. One of them is Damien Rice's 'Cannonball', back in season 1.

Also noticeable is the use of '60s popular songs to create an eerie, nostalgic atmosphere at the right moments. For example, the sounds of Skeeter Davis's 'The End Of The World' from the radio of Kate's car in 'What Kate Did'. Mama Cass Elliot's 'Make Your Own Kind Of Music' played loud when we were first introduced to the inside of the hatch in season 2 premiere. The same with Petula Clark's 'Downtown' for the opening of season 3 (the song just recently got a lovely cover version for charity by Emma Bunton, anyway, guess she can cling on the hype). And you can hear Brenda Lee's 'I Wonder' in the funeral scene in this week's episode.

So check out all of the songs aforementioned, and the 16-second opening theme/ closing theme, to relive your lost moments, and be sure to tune in next week with me and be brainwashed by the pure brilliance that is LOST.

Damien Rice - Cannonball
Mama Cass Elliot - Make Your Own Kind Of Music
Skeeter Davis - The End Of The World
Petula Clark - Downtown
Brenda Lee - I Wonder
LOST - Opening Theme
LOST - End Title

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