Wednesday, November 08, 2006

So Britney's Single Again...

And looking hot!

Here's the video of her short guest appearance on David Letterman in Nov 6.

Poor 'supertalented rap star' ex-husband-to-be Kevin Federline's reactions to the end of his golddigging career. Let's see how long he can manage to interest the tabloids til he fades into anonymity forever with Vanilla Ice.

So Britney has filed for divorce on Tuesday, due to 'irreconcilable differences'. (click for the TMZ report)


I have mixed feelings about this. Of course, it was great to see her lose weight, get rid of that pain in the ass, and look happy skating on ice. And that he's not getting a single 'yen' of her money. However, I kinda feel sorry for the kids now missing a father in their life (not that they've ever had a real one anyway). And I always thought they would last, teaching their children how to be provocateurs and opportunists. Now get back to the studio, but don't even think of going to that 'I-reflect-my-personal-life-through-songs' route.

And for more YouTube needs, here's Mississippi girl Faith Hill's horrible 'comedy stint' at the CMAs:

I believe she's joking, I can see that in her attitude and actions, but whatever, doesn't matter to me. You're a singer, not a practical comedienne, Faith.

Does anyone still care about election results, at all?

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