Tuesday, November 14, 2006

When Elbow Covers Destiny's Child & Amerie...

Above is the pic of British rock band Elbow. They're scruffy guys making grown-up alternative rock music, buddies with Chris Martin, and they're very good at doing tongue-in-cheek covers for Jo Whiley.

Here's proof. When indie blokes cover highly-overplayed r&b megahits and still make them sound so fresh and fun, then hats off to them.

These two covers are kinda old, but today's been a slow day for new music and I just feel like posting them, and also because they're great:

Elbow - Independent Woman (BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge Destiny's Child Cover)
Musically, it's very nice and creative. They didn't sing the lyrics much, just bits & bobs, because it'd be weird if they sang all the original lyrics. They did try to put considerate effort into the cover, so it sounds very twee and somewhat suitable for a theme tune of a puppet show! And there is use of xylophones. Xylophones! Nice, nice stuff.

Elbow - One Thing (BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge Amerie Cover)
This is also brilliant. The drums sound great. Good use of the instruments. There is a sped-up squeaky vocal sample that adds a cartoonish element to the cover. And he just sang it like he was really having fun. I love this version almost as much as the original one. Is this one thing that got me tripping? Woah woah woah...

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