Sunday, December 03, 2006

Indietastic #3: Mates Of State - Like U Crazy

The same old typical routine happened to me. Band was in buzz, checked out a couple of songs, wasn't into them, put them aside. Then new video came out, hesitatingly gave them a second chance, and got surprisingly convinced. Though 'Like U Crazy' remained my only favorite song from them, I was grateful for it.

The song may sound a little overwhelming at first, but it should start seeping through your brain and get stuck in it the second time around.
First, the lush piano arrangements from start to finish is like a huge pool you want take a deep dive in. It builds up and maintains that nostalgic, bittersweet, '50s doo-wop vibe of the song. The vocals may sound a bit hectic, but once you get used to them, you may realize that they make the song sound unique that way. And the lyrics just go along so well with the melodies. Those catchy 'I I I like U crazy', and the soaring chorus are just perfect for singing along. They just sound so convincingly in love together (of course, since they're husbands and wives). If one day I decided to bring a CD player standing on the streets singing a song to proclaim my love for some lady on the balcony, and annoy the hell out of passers-by (though I'd never do that, so cheesy & clichéd), I'd sing over this one.

Mates Of State - Like U Crazy

Bonus points for the lo-fi, black & white, space Titanic-esque music video.

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Coming Up:
I know I've been under the radar lately, but December's finally strolling down and therefore, there should be some proper Christmas music coverage, huh? I'm not sure what songs to choose, though, it seems everyone has posted what I have up my sleeve. Mixtape should be ready by mid-Dec, and some minimix will also surface each week. Also more Indietasticness, and I'd better start compiling those Best-Of lists before it's too late...

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