Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Indietastic #4 - Leopold - Work

Sometimes, one click can bring about much. I was at Swedesplease to get a nice live version of The Cardigans' 'Don't Blame Your Daughter', and since I always consider Sweden to be the unstoppable great music importer, I got to the homepage to see if there's more to offer. Then all by chance, I stumbled across the Leopold post and decidedly gave them a chance by curiousity. I'm really glad I did. When I've got a feeling that a song's gonna be great just after its first 10 seconds, I can't be wrong. At least, I wasn't wrong this time. The song's just all that I like in an indie pop song. The first line of lyrics 'Don't wanna go to work, I just wanna have fun' got me good. Then the rest I can totally relate to ('that girl you never dare to talk to', 'crowds you don't walk through'). The arrangements are just so melancholy and lush with the piano and the guitars...This should be the kind of song you'd want to listen to when the alarm clock rings in 6 AM in the morning, and though you're about to have a long commute to work, you just sit there in your own bed, look at your toes and wonder about things you could be doing instead. I won't be surprised if one day it makes it to a volume of Grey's Anatomy/The OC soundtrack. Though I'm still in high school, there are times I feel that way, and on Thursday I'll have an important contest to enter, so far I've done little reviving all the things I've learnt. So under pressure. Wish me luck, you guys. Maybe cross your fingers for me, and if I do it well, I'll be so happy to award you with a good post or two this weekend!

Leopold - Work

By the way, their second album 'Friend For A Friend' is released in Sweden this week. Go here for more information about them or get to their MySpace to download three more songs.

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