Sunday, December 31, 2006

New Year's Eve Mini Mix

I have this all planned out for the New Year's Eve. Then there goes the breakdown. So here I present you the mini mix, without the mp3 links. Such a shame because these songs are really quite good. Just so you know, there's nothing wrong with your computer because they're supposed to be unclickable. Well, I was able to track down a guilt-free, officially hosted mp3 of one song, from Death Cab For Cutie, so enjoy, and have a good year, everyone!

And all of these songs below coincidentally have the phrase 'New Year' in their titles. Neat.

Death Cab For Cutie - The New Year
Camera Obscura - Happy New Year
Asobi Seksu - New Years
Sarah Blasko - Planet New Year
The Breeders - New Year

Sugababes - New Year
ABBA - Happy New Year (can't leave this one out)

And then there's the warm-sounding 'Fireworks' by The Whitest Boy Alive. Its title is named after that big, vibrant, blasting, short-lasted thing we all most of us like to see up in the skies at this time of the year.

I'll use two lines of its lyrics to conclude this unnecessary post.

"Patience is just another word for getting old
Resolution just as impossible as letting go."

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