Monday, December 04, 2006

Soundtrack: Happy Feet

There are penguins. Really cute CGI penguins. Thousands of them. Tapping their feet on ice. No wonder why they beat Bond off the number one spot, for two weeks in a row. I myself don't even know what the plot really is about, and I'll probably end up seeing it (because I have to go to look after my little sister, of course!). I wouldn't mind, though, since these penguins have quite a good taste in music and pick such catchy songs to dance to.

The Brand New Heavies (feat. Jamalski) - Jump N' Move
Make it the one song if you were to pick just a track from the soundtrack album (there's also a new Prince song, but I'll pass that). I first heard it from the first theatrical trailer and had to say that it is an insanely catchy, upbeat reggae number. Just make me want to get up and, well, jump and move. Family-friendly music somehow sounds a whole lot of fun.

Brittany Murphy - Somebody To Love
Brittany Murphy's the next in the line of Hollywood actresses to pursue a serious music career, and so far she's made all the right choices. Look at her producer line-ups: Paul Oakenfold, Chris Cox, Max Martin, Timbaland...This girl's got more commerical potential than Scarlett. And it's a bless to know that she can actually sing (judging on her bombastic collab with Oakenfold 'Faster Kill Pussycat'). So I guess, in the meantime, while waiting for that debut to come out in 2007, we can listen to a bland Queen cover of 'Somebody To Love' instead. Not so painful to listen to, her voice is fine, but it's just nothing exciting.

Gia Farrell - Hit Me Up
Say hello to the next manufactured teen pop star, who paves her way into the hearts of Hannah Montana-watching, Hilary Duff-worshipping teenagers through the soundtrack of 'Happy Feets'. Good marketing move. Her image is kinda cheesy, bubbly, clean-cut, too Disney-ish and she said she sang "soulful pop", but I think they know what they're selling. This debut single is a bouncy, Radio-Disney-ready pop ditty, which for sure appeals to her target audience but for me, she's not the next 'JoJo' or anything. We'll see.

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