Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Soundtrack: The OC Mix 6: Covering Our Tracks

Though not a big fan of the show itself, I've always been fascinated with the amount of amazing indie music being featured on the show. So far, many songs on the previous five volumes of the compilation series have made their endearing ways into my iTunes library, especially covers recorded the show like the stellar, better-than-the-original Jem cover of Paul McCartney's 'Maybe I'm Amazed' or Nada Surf's sweet remake of 'If You Leave'. So you know how excited I am when this mix 6's out. The idea here is to get indie bands covering indie songs, stripping them down in different ways. An idea like that would leave any fans curious, but in the end, things didn't quite work out to my expectations.
The point is, this is my least favorite of the series. So many missed opportunities. Most of the artists didn't seem whole-heartedly devoted to their jobs, and therefore didn't put much efforts into the covers. Most of them are just downright bland and mediocrely done. Like the cover of Super Furry Animals' 'Hello Sunshine' by Syd Matters that added nothing new to the original, or the disappointingly plain Lady Sovereign take on Sex Pistols' 'Pretty Vacant' which showcased little of her usual sass, and the alright cover of 'California' by Mates Of State (they've could done so much better). Am I seeing a sign of struggle here, fitting with the show's decrease in ratings?
However, there are a few highlights here that outshined the others. The best one has to be Goldspot's cover of Modest Mouse's 'Float On'. They took away the edginess and tossed in more light-heartedness to make the song more feel-good in an uplifting way. Now I'd tend to lean on to this version if I want to cheer myself up with the line 'And we all float on okay'. Also noticeable is the Tally Hall unique take on The Killers' 'Smile Like You Mean It', complete with some orchestration.
Too bad it's unlikely there's gonna be a mix 7. There might be, but next time, much less eagerness.

Goldspot - Float On (Modest Mouse Cover)
Tally Hall - Smile Like You Mean It (The Killers Cover)
Mates Of State - California (Phantom Planet Cover)
Syd Matters - Hello Sunshine (Super Furry Animals Cover)
Lady Sovereign - Pretty Vacant (Sex Pistols Cover)

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