Saturday, December 09, 2006

Zeon's All-Star Christmas Mini Mix: Pop Edition

Hope it's still not too late to make a few festive posts?
Okay, so for this Christmas, there's gonna be various Christmas mini-mixes to warm up your spirits, categorized by genres. The first one to come your way is a pop edition, then soon an R&B one will follow, then an Indie one, and possibly a Punk rock one. Then when the night before Christmas draws near, I'll add the finishing touch by posting a proper mixtape with my favorite songs (of course, just a way of saying, it's not like I'm gonna give you a cassette or anything).
To begin with, here's a collection of old and new holiday songs sung quite nicely by female pop artists. You may notice the absence of a male artist name. It's because I tried hard to find a relevant, decent version of a Christmas song by a decent contemporary male pop artist, but ended up empty-handed. Even considered including Clay Aiken, but then it wouldn't make much difference.
Anyway, enjoy the 6 tracks. Oh, and the honor of the catchiest new Christmas song goes to Aly & AJ, though their song is supposedly soundtracked to *cough* Santa Claus 3...

Aly & AJ - Greatest Time Of Year
Avril Lavigne And Chantal Kreviazuk - O Holy Night
Christina Aguilera - Have Yourself A Very Little Christmas
Kelly Clarkson - My Grown Up Christmas List
Kelly Clarkson - O Holy Night
Vanessa Carlton - Greensleeves

For those too lazy to click, I also uploaded a zipped file of the whole mix.
Zeon's All-Star Christmas Mini Mix: Pop Edition (RAR file)

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