Monday, January 08, 2007

Beyoncé - Irreplaceable (Remix feat. Trina)

Okay, so this is a filler post, a little something to 'secure' the traffic.
Not actually, just think I have something to say.
These days, remix doesn't exactly mean remix anymore, does it? Most of the time, for a hip-hop/r&b song, it just means the same instrumental with a new verse featuring a guest rapper. Lazy, yet quite effective.
I know there has been another 'remix' version featuring Ghostface Killah around, this time she's got Trina backing her up, throwing in a few more in-the-face rhymes. There's nothing wrong with this version, since I really need a new one as I've started to grow tired of the album version.
What I want to say here is how the song was marketed. You've seen the video, where she did all her "icy queen" stuff, and this remix just confirms again the whole message of the song: *Fvck U* to the ex-boyfriend. That 'girl power' thing. However, I'd still want to believe that the trembling vocals delivered by her in the chorus is a hint of the fact that she's still not really over him yet, that she's just lying to herself. At least that's what I prefer to be lead to believe it that way. Just me, though. Guys don't like the idea of chicks dumping them so robotically, I guess.
For your interest, "Irreplaceable" was the most played pop song in my iTunes library in 2006. 51 play counts. That doesn't necessarily mean it's the best song of 2006, it just proves that this song is the most accessible, like I can listen to it at any occasions etc. Gosh, I'm so mainstreamish.
And my English is getting worse.

You can get it at IGIF. By the way, their Holiday Hangover mix is quite awesome, too.

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