Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Double Yay: Sophie Ellis Bextor's Comeback Single & New Lily Allen B-Side

I photoshopped this myself!

Good sign I say. The new year already shaped up to become a promising year for music in general, and pop music in specific. Fortunately, the connection wasn't that unbearably horrible, so I managed to 'grab' these two songs, and it's well worth THE wait.

1. Sophie Ellis Bextor - Catch You (Radio Edit)
Pop enthusiasts had been waiting for this ever since the demo floated around. Now it's leaked. And it really is quite amazing. I'd say the record company made a good decision by pushing the release date back to January, just in time for springtime, because this Cathy-Dennis-produced electro pop comeback single got 'spring' written all over it. There's the killer chorus, the happy-go-lucky, feel-good, more rock-influenced vibe, and Sophie's classy vocals on top of it. This is the kind of poppy song that you want to listen to outdoor, and have some fun in the sun. The lyrics is presumable about an obsessed stalker, which earns it even more extra points. Now we just need the Sophie Muller-directed video with Sophie basking her skin and frolicking around under the Vienna sun, and there we have a decent comeback. So if you love pop, definitely check this one out and let it work it grooves on you.
Somehow I've got a bad feeling that this probably won't be her first UK number one or third number 2, though. A top ten hit is more of a safe aim.

2.Lily Allen - U Killed It (B-Side to 'Littlest Things')
Finally got my hold of this song today, and all I gotta say is that it wasn't bad. It's good enough for a b-side, it's the longest Lily song ever (if you don't count the remixes), and it pairs well with the a-side. Still I have no idea why it failed to chart, maybe people did't want to buy sad songs in December?
Anyway, January 30 will the day when the American can officially buy a non-import copy of her debut and the title was changed into 'Alright, Then' so that it won't cause confusions among them due to the differences between British and American English etc. Here's hoping she'll follow the successes of KT Tunstall, Corinne Bailey Rae, James Blunt (yikes), and recently, Lady Sovereign.

Since I'm unable to upload anything right now, all I can do is direct you to the nice blogs where I found them so you can abuse their bandwidth instead. Just kiddin'!

Sophie Ellis Bextor - Catch You (Radio Edit) (thanks to Into The Groove, or there's a zshare mirror at Paul's blog)

Lily Allen - U Killed It (thanks to Ashley Plath, no it's the right song, 'Sunday Morning' is just the old title from which it got renamed)

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